Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Art centers " or "Lets go to the beach!"

It was an action packed day yesterday in Kiwi-land. We had a bit of a late start but decided to head to the art center of Christchurch. The center is actually where the original university was. The university started getting too big and couldn't buy any adjoining property so in a bit of a switch they gave the original buildings to the city and got a bigger tract of land out in the (then) boonies. So no wonder the university has a 1960s sort of vibe to it even though in reality it's been a university since 1860 kind of thing.

Anyway, the art center is really great and the whole thing reminded me of the best of the best of the best booths at the Seattle street fairs. If my cell phone had been working I might have called fallenpegasus just to be obnoxious. (He calls me every year from the University street fair in Seattle.)

I saw all sorts of really neat stuff... the pawai (however you spell it) shells from a beach in NZ...the only shells like it in the world. The natives use the shells and work it into all manner of art...inlays in wood, jewelry all sort of things. Actually in Xena's chakram and sword they inlaid them with the shells.
I saw a lot of the symbolic fishhooks and got myself a necklace carved out of bone (cow. Whale bone=crazy spendy.) Apparently the motif I picked meant "New beginnings" as well as "Good luck on your journeys." I think that's fairly applicable.


In the original structures of the building there is a bit of a museum and reconstructed cloakroom and classroom of "The New Zealand genius." ...Now I forget his first name...something Rutheford. He discovered the properties of an atom. The university there is where he did his undergrad.

I had been strolling about with a Diet Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper and it caused all manner of conversation. More than one person wanted to know what it was, where I got it. I told MarkB it was my conversation piece.

I also tried a Lemon Lime Bitter. Never had anything quite like it...I think it would rather grow on you.

Would you believe at the art center...there was also...A QUILT STORE. I told MarkB I HAD to go in and see what I could see. I chatted with the lady behind the counter a little bit...admired her quilts, asked if she had done the machine quilting and even bought 2 fat quarters. I'm sure my mom would die if she knew how much I had paid for them but I can't get New Zealand fabric anywhere else!


When we had had enough of the art center (which curiously coincided with them packing everything up,) Mark B and I headed off to the beach. It was a lovely drive and the various beaches we hit were stunning. I felt bad it was so windy and nippy. No swimming in the ocean for me THIS trip!

Also got an ice cream cone with 2 flavors... Hokey Pokey (a NZ original) and ginger ice cream. I was a bit dubious as to the latter but it was actually quite good.

We watched the surfers...the KITE SURFERS (MAN THAT LOOKS AWESOME!) and headed back to Christchurch as the sun was setting. I was glad I wasn't driving as we were heading straight into the west. How very Lord of the Rings. ;)


Did a bit of shopping and then came home for dinner. Had some meat pies ... which aren't bad but I can't see myself going out of my way to aquire.

More Battlestar Galactica! We finished Season I and went 2 episodes into Season II before calling it a night. Me anyway. I was dozing big time by the end.


...and again when I got up in the middle of the night Mark was typing away on his laptop going through email. He did have good news though...daylight savings has hit here...and down under they spring BACK. I got an extra hour of sleep before church this morning! WOO HOO!

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