Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Friday Night as Usual" or "Here's the plaaaannnzzzzzzz...."

A typical Friday evening dinner here in New Zealand apparently consists of "Fish and Chips" and sports. I've had real, bonafide fish and chips once in Canada but they hold pale comparison to these. Along with them we got a curry roll and a jam roll and whilst our order was being made we went into the local grocery store.

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. I've no idea how to read their milk cartons, they have a shelf stuffed FULL of various kinds of ginger beer causing me to go SQUEEEE!!! We got a 4 pack of an Aussie made ginger beer which subsequently stripped my throat and melted my nose hair. I LOVED IT.

As for the sports while there WAS a rugby game going on that evening Mark and I both were aware we were faaaar too exhausted to really endure a sports venue. Possibly next Saturday we will attempt a rugby game.

Back home we spread it all out in front of Mark's projector room and put on (since it IS my Friday evening tradition) Battlestar Galactica. He has surround sound and a big white wall and a killer digital projector and lets just say the show never looked our sounded so good. He'd seen the mini series so I put in "33" from the first DVD and away we went.

Sadly I crashed but Mark was a trooper and watched 8 episodes before removing my feet from his lap and quietly exiting the room where I continued to doze on his oh so comfortable couch.

I woke up around 5:30 Saturday morning, appalled to find him awake in the kitchen working on his laptop. One of his students has a paper due today and so Mark was up late helping finish it.

When I woke up again this morning around 8:00 or so (noon on Friday morning if you live in Utah,) Mark was asleep in his bedroom so I scrambled some eggs, curled up with a book he gave me and have spent a very pleasant quiet morning to myself.

I had moved back onto Rough Stone Rolling when Mark came staggering into the projector room. He sank onto the couch making the occassional noise about things we could do today. I did my patented "put em to sleep move" playing with his hair and stroking his forehead. He's now sawing logs in there, I have had a shower and am now updating my LJ.

Hopefully today we'll make it into the city center to see an arts and crafts show and then possibly the beach to see the whales (provided it isn't TOO windy outside.)

I am in New Zealand and I have having a marvelous time.

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