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"Here I am" or "Who are "THEY"?!"

I'm sitting in the classroom where Lisa has been teaching earth science as well as pre algebra. I am highly amused.

I'll be picking up MarkB from the airport in a few hours where he and I will be puttering around for a few hours before I have to take him back. Sadly won't be able to make my lunch Pixar date. She has a 2:00 meeting she has to attend and I have to have MarkB back at the airport at 5:00. I am disappointed but not overly shocked. It's such a weird schedule for both of us.

I wonder how cogent MarkB will be anyway. He just finished a conference in Germany and will be flying direct from Germany to San Francisco and leaves tonight from SF back to Auckland and Christchurch. I can't imagine that much time in a flying tin can. Poor, poor boy. :(

The trip has has an inauspicious start. The plane was boarded last night only to have us all told as soon as everyone was settled there was a delay in SF and that we would need to disembark the plane for at least another hour and a half. The wind and other conditions had disrupted the SFO flow pattern and only one runway was usable.

I have been reading "Rough Stone Running." It is exceedingly well written and niether paints "Bro Joseph" as this near perfect man nor as a cariacatured demon. It rekindles in me all the awe and love and admiration I have for him though.


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Mar. 14th, 2006 07:16 pm (UTC)
Hooray for being in SF! To think, you are only a few miles away... perhaps.

Sorry we have such miserable weather this week. Cold, rainy nastiness... We need sunshine, with the occasional fog bank for the proper mood.

RSR is an excellent book. I have only tasted a few pages so far, but I am impressed by it already; the rest of our stake presidency is raving about it as well.

We'll see you tomorrow for lunch! Mario's, here we come...!
Mar. 14th, 2006 08:12 pm (UTC)
RSR is an excellent book. I think it should be required reading for all members of the Church. Too many people in the Church see JS as this perfect human being who could do no wrong, and then when these same people find out something questionable, they leave the Church thinking they've been lied to. If they read this book, they could see him as a human being with faults, but a man called of God nonetheless. And the book is simply interesting.
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