Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Here I am" or "Who are "THEY"?!"

I'm sitting in the classroom where Lisa has been teaching earth science as well as pre algebra. I am highly amused.

I'll be picking up MarkB from the airport in a few hours where he and I will be puttering around for a few hours before I have to take him back. Sadly won't be able to make my lunch Pixar date. She has a 2:00 meeting she has to attend and I have to have MarkB back at the airport at 5:00. I am disappointed but not overly shocked. It's such a weird schedule for both of us.

I wonder how cogent MarkB will be anyway. He just finished a conference in Germany and will be flying direct from Germany to San Francisco and leaves tonight from SF back to Auckland and Christchurch. I can't imagine that much time in a flying tin can. Poor, poor boy. :(

The trip has has an inauspicious start. The plane was boarded last night only to have us all told as soon as everyone was settled there was a delay in SF and that we would need to disembark the plane for at least another hour and a half. The wind and other conditions had disrupted the SFO flow pattern and only one runway was usable.

I have been reading "Rough Stone Running." It is exceedingly well written and niether paints "Bro Joseph" as this near perfect man nor as a cariacatured demon. It rekindles in me all the awe and love and admiration I have for him though.

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