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The Exodus Part II

Today was the offical Big Day. I had a meeting at work (talking about how to responsibly evacuate the theater) and then headed to Farmington.
Most of the stuff left in the blue room is clutter. I need to go through it because some of it is GOOD CLUTTER. The point of going to Farmington this morning more than anything was to pick up Lawrence and Dad and Norton, which we did. Mom made a comment about the stuff in the blue room and when I reassured her I would be back to go through it she made a comment that perhaps she would just go after it with a garbage sack.
I stared at her for a second thinking, "Are you TRYING to make me not want to come and visit?"
Instead I told her I would rather she NOT do that as they were some important papers, plus I HAD to come back and get Beowulf. Sheesh.

My last big move I orchestrated pretty much all by myself, from packing everything and being the primary brute strength in loading the truck. I was so grateful this time around to have Dad & Lawrence (who managed to put near everything from my storage shed into Norton (most impressive)) and later LMA's friend Matt & his wife come and help unload at the apartment. It was really nice. With moves you really learn who your friends are I think. Or you learn who you can browbeat the hardest. ;)

A Sad Tale:
My dishes have made the move from DI to Farmington, Farmington to the studio apartment in Seattle, studio apt to basement, basement to Utah storage shed, and from storage shed to Friday, from Friday to the apartment parking lot. Whereupon I took the box out and dropped it out of the back thinking they were BOOKS.

I don't really have any dishes anymore.

Still I guess SOMETHING has to be mangled in a move. :(

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