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"Straw polls" or "That explains THAT!"

All over the news today they have been talking about the latest Republican straw poll. Not getting into politics with this post...it just struck me that I had no idea what the phrase "straw poll" actually MEANT. Yay for google and a little bit of research.

Apparently the phrase stems back to rural America when farmers would toss some straw in the air to see the direction the winds were blowing. Such is a "straw poll." It's just a simple little poll to see which way the political winds are blowing. And now you know.

(Incidentally, many pollsters are shocked, SHOCKED that Mitt Romney, the LDS governor in Massachusetts took #2 in the bible belt, no less.)


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Mar. 13th, 2006 07:16 pm (UTC)
He's Mitt Romney. He's an intelligent, cunning, charming pol...and he's a conservative-ish Republican managed to win a couple terms in MASSACHUSETTS, of all places.

There really shouldn't be any shock. (although I admit, I'm not overly fond of the guy just because of his tendency towards political about-faces. No MORE than other politicians, but more blatantly. It's annoying)

Of course, all I've been seeing for the last few weeks is "Ooooooh, he's Mormon! What does that MEAN FOR THE COUNTRY OMG?!!!!" Sheez, people, it's not like he's going to up and start advocating another Prohibition. *eyeroll*
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