Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Ten Things" or "Another Update"

1. Quilting:
Saturday I went to Farmington along with my friend Lisa who was visiting to machine quilt a quilt my mom had made for my youngest niece. It came out really, really cute even though the whole process took longer than we thought it would. It took a while to get the machine set up as well getting some of the machine quirks worked out. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I like how it came out though I am aware it is only my second quilt and I can really improve. I signed up for quilting time this upcoming Saturday to machine quilt the quilt Lisa made for her junior high auction. I am optimistic.

2. Travels:
I am going to New Zealand next week. I am going to New Zealand next week. I am going to New Zealand next week.

Is it real yet? Nope.

3. The Oscars
Didn't watch em. Didn't feel like I missed much either. However I did win the company pool...successfully picking 16 out of 24 winners. My prize? Playstation 2 We (heart) Katamari. Apparently it's a game. Huh.

4. Dad
Seems to be very much on the mend. He's running errands and no longer needs my help filling the pellet bin. Okaaaay.

5. The New Place
The roommie turned 30 yesterday. Happy birthday! She didn't do anything as insane as jumping out of a plane but she seemed pleased with the day.

6. Exercise:
Went to the gym last night and went swimming and then ran 3 miles. Yes, I had to stop. But I DID finish. I have a waaays to go for swimming but it felt good. In other news, I got a compliment on my wetbag wyckhurst made for my swimsuit.

7. Travels:
I am going to New Zealand next week. I am going to New Zealand next week. I am going to New Zealand next week. Oh, I think I mentioned that already.

8. Beowulf:
Big and snuggly.

9. Today ther is no #9.

10. Stuff
I have a LOT to do before I go to New Zealand next week. :)

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