Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Updates" or "Four Things"

1. My dad has surgery tomorrow. He's going to be incapacated for a while. This is going to be very odd since my dad is such a go-er. I expect he is nervous as is my mom. I'm glad I live as close as I do so I can go and help if required, even if it is simple stuff like filling the pellet bin or just being some company. It's so odd to see your parents age. Shall spend much time on my knees tonight for his sake.

2. Watched Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy tonight with the new roomie. DH is getting increasingly silly...but GA's was actually rather thought provoking. Are you the person who would rush in and place your finger on an unstable bomb so it wouldn't explode...or would you cut and run? If you thought you were going to die... who would you want to call on the phone and what would you tell them? I was rather sobered thinking who I would want to talk to.
Of course it had to have THE cheeze moment where Meredith is thinking of Dr. McDreamy which is a plot I wish they would just drop because I think they WANT us to get them together and I DON'T.

3. I love listening to the little dogs upstairs walk across the floor...really makes me miss Hershey who has now been gone 10 years. I love that little skitter/triktrak sound. They're warming up to licked me today and the other hopped up on the bed while we were watching DH and GA...which for them is huge.

4. Got a bunch of Red Sparrows and FrakkingToasters drawn. I've been rather behind as of late what with the move and other rather more pleasant distractions but I'm hopefully back in the saddle for a while.

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