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Sometimes being positive takes too much work.

Not too productive today. I worked a bit on Sam's volcano movie (I promised him I would have that done by Saturday,) I drew a few cartoons and tried to cool off from my day yesterday.
Without going into great detail I found out I have been royally ripped off by the Utah Jazz. They took an idea I submitted to them in October, changed it just enough I can't sue them and apparently it's a great hit during the Jazz games.
I've got plans to call up the guy who set up the meeting in the first place. I know him to be an honorable man and it will be interesting having a discussion with him.
"I appreciate your willingness to connect me to the right people. Tell me what I can do in the future to keep from being so royally and thoroughly screwed!" I wonder what he will say.

The theater project I continue to sit and wait. I probably will not be doing the Theater Etiquette series for them. Dick told me the higher up mucky mucks are balking a bit at the price and would rather get cheap crap from Filmac. I queried him about the prices Filmac charged and I have to admit I rather blanched. I guess what they lack in quality they more than make up in quantity so they can sell them in bulk to theaters on the cheap. There was just no way I could compete with that, even if I already had all the equipment I needed.

As for the pre show stuff, I continue to wait.

Right now I'm angry and cynical and wondering just how I'm going to be turned down and ripped off.

Holy cow am I EVER going to get anything I want?!

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