Jett (jatg) wrote,

"More Animation News" or "Jett scoffs at the idea that 3D is the end all be all..."

The three nominees for Best Animated Feature are:

1. Howl's Moving Castle - Gibli Entertainment
2. The Corpse Bride - Warner Bros
3. Wallace and Gromit -Aardman Animation

The first one is traditional animation and the other two are stop motion. This is the first year since the inception of Best Animated Feature that no 3D picture was nominated...and two are as old school as you can get. You've got to LOVE that two of the best animated pictures of the year (and I thoroughly agree with the Oscar choices for this particular category) are stop motion!

I'm betting Wallace and Gromit. They're Academy favorites yet haven't been over exposed.
Tags: animation, oscar

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