Jett (jatg) wrote,

Big Fun Day Part III: painting the world on a plate

For my niece's birthday I had taken her to Color Me Mine where I learned many valuable lessons. Painting a whole dinner set is too much for one kid and they never get used really because honestly, when a little kid paints them, they're not that cute. Also it was getting later in the day and so it was decided that Sam would do a plate and I would do a mug.

His first drawing was of a highly detailed mouth of a volcano which, I admit, I kiboshed. I know he has drawn and painted them a million times but I was afraid something like that wouldn't work well at ALL with the ceramic paint and so he decided (sigh) he would do his plate as a cross section of the earth. (Did I mention he has an LJ called mr_science? Seriously. Go and read about the Mighty Blue whale. LOVE it.)

First you have to draw it....

And then paint it...
Here he was telling me about how much more ash Krakatoa put into the atmosphere than Mt. St. Helens AND you could hear the explosion over 3000 miles away. Did you know that when Krakatoa blew, people in AUSTRALIA could hear it? Amazing.


I tried to convince Sam that it would look really neat if he did the outer rim of the plate black and then put white stars on would also help punch up the colors of the earth but he decided it HAD to have the date so he would remember exactly when his Big Fun Day was. Awwww.

(but yeah, black sky would look better.)

Also this picture made me realize just how desperately I need
1. A haircut
2. A better gym routine. I'm going tonight, I swear. I've got Fat Girl face again.

We got a few groceries since we were both hungry...some cheese and onion rolls, some peanuts and we split a Hershey Almond bar...
...and headed home.

Final Thoughts:

First of all I love this picture. I love the back of his head...I love that he was absorbed in watching the sunset and I love that I managed to get this shot WHILE driving.

Secondly, I can't believe how big my nephew has gotten. It doesn't seem that long ago when I knocked on my sisters house a few days after he was born and she handed him to me on a pillow so she could go have a shower. I spent so much time at their place the first year of his life...he was one of the things I missed the most during my 3 year sojourn in Canada.
I remember thinking I couldn't wait to be the cool aunt and take them on specials days out and now they are old enough to do it...and before I know it they might be old enough to think it ISN'T Big Fun to hang out with Aunt Jeanette. That will make me sad.

In the interim, I plan on enjoying every moment I can get with my nieces and nephews.

And I AM the Best Aunt Evaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

P.S. Pulling in front of his house I checked the odometer: 148. Phew!

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