Jett (jatg) wrote,

Big Fun Day: Part II, the Planetarium

The Planetarium

One of the first things Sam did was run to the rotating globe and point out to passers by various geographic points of his interest. There is Krakatoa...there is New Orleans where Katrina hit, there are the Hawaiian islands. I pointed out to him New Zealand, where my mission was and where I went to school. Ah, the things we are interested in. I got the tickets and discovered we had a half our to roam around.

We went to the Moon...

Mars... (and hey, doesn't he look a little like ET in this picture?)

...and the gift shop.

He was completely enthralled by the rocks and who could blame him? They looked like pieces of wonderful sorts of candies. I told him we would go back and look again after the show.

Look...up in the sky

I snapped this picture without a flash as the planetarium was darkening. I could barely see him sitting by me. Thanks to Photoshop I was able to play with the levels and bring his face up. I love how utterly absorbed he is looking up...and there wasn't even anything to look at yet.
The show was very cool. The last one I had taken him to; "Adventures of the Cardboard Rocket" had mindblowingly BAD animation in it but this was just COOL. I actually learned quite a bit about black holes and they used the animation and camera and that gigantic dome to maximum effect. It was also narraged by John DeLancie of Q fame for you Star Trek nerds out there.

Mr. Science was utterly, utterly enthralled.

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