Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Still iSick" or "10 things"

10. It looks like New Zealand is nearly final...hopefully by this point next week I'm going to be on a very, very, very long flight. How cool is it that I will have no 26 of January? Seriously, I leave the 25th...and land the 27th but there's no 26th in the middle there. Wheee! I've never flown across the international date line.

A few minutes after I wrote this MarkB came online. Apparently Richard Taylor of Weta would love to see us but is going to be busy the weeks that I am there so it looks like I'm going to be pushing the dates back until the end of February/start of March. Details pending...

09. I've spent all day at my parents pretty much flopped on the couch. My nose is running and is getting rather raw and sore. My mom tells me that my youngest nephew was whimpering to my sister about his raw and runny nose and wanted a bandaid put under. My youngest niece apparently has RSV which had me researching a bit online what exactly that is. Honestly I had no idea.

Some thoughts... I so love hanging out at my sisters house and playing pell mell with my nieces and nephews but I also love the moments where I can just be with my sister.
Last weekend I helped her dig out her sewing room and it was so wonderful to help move fabric and throw things away and talk about our lives... for me the things I don't write about in my LJ...for her...well, I think she liked the help.
Speaking of me flopped in the couch...

Wulfie in the Basket 08. Sleepy Wulfie

I bought a bed for Beowulf but he has yet to show much interest in it. He likes the one at my folks...which really is too small for him! Silly Wulfie! Most of the time there is more of him outside the basket than IN.

07. My dad has to go to the doctor today and have a biopsy on his prostate. He came home very, very loopy. It's dad is usually so in control, so competent...but you get some drugs in him and WHEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEeeeeeeeEEEE!!!
Hopefully things will be okay. It's always a bit startling to realize your parents are aging.

06. Today there is no #6.

Pajama Making 05. Pajama Making

My oldest niece apparently is a bit short on pajamas. My mom made her a pair for Christmas and then tonight she has been working on another pair for her. I'm sure my niece will love the's pink and purple fleece and oh so soft. I'm sure she will squeal and OOH and rub her face against them and be oh so delighted with another pair of pajama bottoms.

I look at my mom and my sister and their talents with fabric. I confess I have a bit of the fabric bug but I have no where near the innate love and proclivitiy towards fabricating that they do. Atwood women are TALENTED.

04. I was listening to the Diane Ream (however you spell her name) on NPR and she was interviewing the specatularly talented Rita Moreno, the original Anita from West Side Story. Apparently she was also in the cast of The Electric Company and was the one who did the infamous "HEY YOU GUUUUYYYYYSSSSSS!!!!" Ah, Electric Company memories. That show helped me learn to read and as I remember it was savagely funny.
She made the comment that while there was a LOT of adlibbing going on with the skits the writers forbade any sneaky double entendres or as she said "blue humor."
She said that in many respects it forced them to be truly, truly funny because blue humor was just too easy to do.
I look at the state of sitcoms and even in the improv classes I've been's just the easiest knee jerk humor to revert to...and it's lazy.

Lucy and Ethel are as funny today as when they first aired...but could you imagine them throwing around `Will & Grace' types of quips?

03. Speaking of lazy...I really need to watch my inking... I've been highly prolific lately which has been fun...but I'm afraid I'm getting equally SLOPPY. Am I getting better...or just FASTER?

02. My head is so stuffed up my teeth hurt. I just took some Nyqui and I have to say, drinking has never held any appeal for me...but I confess I do like that warm burn in my stomach I get from 2 tablespoons of the stuff. My friends who ARE drinkers tell me that I would be a Yeagermeister drinker since I have such a fondess for black licorice and that warm burn.
I could never be a drinker though...religious convictions aside, I couldn't afford it.

01. Phew. Let's see if I'm well enough to make it to work tomorrow. Right now I feel like a piece of schwah.

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