Jett (jatg) wrote,

"I'm gonna kill them" or "Driving to the folks at 2:30 AM"

I had a roommate turn 21 last week. She decided to celebrate in style last night and while I did have a warning they were going to have a party last night, I guess I thought, can't be TOO bad.

Except...except at 2:30 AM it was just as loud, as rambunctious as it was around 10:00 when it started. THAT'S what kills me. WHY do they only seem to START after 10 PM?! It was horrendous and Beowulf was freaking out downstairs in my room and I was grateful I kept my door locked because several times I heard loud drunken voices outside my room and trying my door.
Finally I grabbed Beowulf and some small items, tossed them into Friday and drove out to Farmington. I had hoped NOT to wake my parents but they heard me come in. My mom gave me a hug and then I crashed on the couch.
Why didn't I go upstairs and raise a stink?
Honestly, I thought about it...I am just so TIRED of feeling like the Wicked Witch of the West...and also, honestly, when I poked my head outside my room I was startled at the amount of people... a few seriously drunk guys lurching about the back room and the smell of alcohol and smoke ... and then this overwhelming thought, "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE."
Okaaay. Ya me voy.

I should have just stayed at my sisters yesterday.

It was SUCH a good day. I drove down to see her so she could fix my scarf and spent the rest of the day playing with her kids, admiring all her projects, oohing and aaahing over wipes and wet bags and laughing with her at the antics of her kids. My youngest niece is ... this DETERMINED kid. She's nine months old and wants to be mobile SO bad... she doesn't crawl so much as lurch and when she had on her woolen socks, the poor thing was literally stuck in place because she couldn't get any traction on the floor. SO funny. I love her little baby sounds she makes. I love how much she looks like my oldest nephew... and that her eyes crinkle when she smiles.

I love going down there because all the kids assault me with hugs and they were so genuinely put out when Suzanne thew them outside to play and I didn't go with.

I love going there but it is just a Little Too Far. It is a smallish road trip.

So yes, though I DID get some of the drawing done I needed to at home, I wish I had stayed at my sisters.

My lease is up in June but last night I began to seriously mull leaving before then. I am tired of living in a place where I can't be on the weekends!

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