Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Happy Anniverary" or "About my parents"

Ma & Pa Atwood
40 years ago my parents drove up to Logan Utah and were married for time and all eternity in the Logan temple. They picked that one because the Salt Lake temple was closed that particular time of year. It was a fast courtship...their first date was in April...they got engaged 6 weeks before they got married AND my mom was gone nearly the whole summer. I joke with them they got married fast so they wouldn't lose their nerve with a long engagement.

Together they put my dad through school, moved to Michigan, moved to Idaho, moved to North Carolina and finally moved back to Utah. They have 5 healthy, happy smart (and boy are we good lookin') kids. They've endured all my dad's job exploits, his incessant commuting, fat cow years and lean cow years and injuries (from arms in airplane propellers to hard core back surgery and stitches and braces and a few broken bones and all the other things that go along with having kids.) In that time they've had 2 dogs (Ripper who was relatively short lived and Hershey who lived to be 18) several tanks full of fish, a few rats, a guinea pig and now Edward who is by FAR the most spoiled out of any Atwood pet and that's saying something.

My dad (and at my age I shouldn't be thinking such things) I'm convinced can still easily beat up all my friends dads if he had to. He's still the smartest man I know and if he's not the best person to talk to during an emotional breakdown, when it comes to real bona fide crisises... I want to be around HIM. When we were kids we would crow, "Daddy can fix ANYTHING!" and I think deep down I still kind of believe it. If it's worth fixing, he'll figure out a way to do it. He still builds his own cupboards and I still sleep in the bed with drawers he made when I was five.

My mom has turned into an amazing quilter and loves sewing for her grandchildren as well as humoring me when I get a bug in my ear about making another quilt. It was my mom who made sure the piano got practiced and the rooms got cleaned and school clothes were purchased and now it is my mom who gets involved in her children's projects...whether it's my sister's business or telling me when the fabric store is having sales so I can get book cloth on the cheap.

Happy anniversary Mom & Dad. I love you very much.

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