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"Christmas Eve" or "It's a semaphore Aunt Jeanette!"

"Brown Christmas"

Granted it's not the best shot in the world but thought I would show what the world looked like at 4:00 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve here in Farmington. It is an unseasonably warm Christmas...51 degrees. It feels like a semi chilly October day...the only indication being that it is later in the year than that is the mostly naked trees. As Lawrence sez, "We sure better have a wet spring!"

Yeah man, it's like WARM!"

So he's not REALLY a beatnick but fallen_pegasus has something new to his regular All Black (not the rugby team) regular ensemble. It's not raspberry but it IS a beret. Okay it's not really a beret either ... it's a newsie and he does look good in it. I had to laugh...Lawrence and Mark and I ran a few errands earlier in the afternoon. I told Mark he looked like he was about to blow himself up.

Shortly after this pic was taken we all (fallenpegasus, jatg, phoenix_jade, wurtmann and my dad (who doesn't have an LJ) piled into the van and headed south.

"Good lookin' family, them"
It has become a holiday tradition for the Atwood family to drive down and spend Christmas with my sister and her family and it is one I enjoy muchly. We have a nice dinner, sandwiches, pistachio fruit salad and shrimp among other things. This year my mom made hommade salsa and homemade cranberry salsa which made the house smell absolutely divine. The salsa was incredible. Think we may have a new addition to our Christmas Eve traditions.

"Completed projects"

You, gentle reader, may be aware that bookmaking is turning into a major hobby for me. This last month I cranked out a number of my regular art sketchbooks with toned paper. I also learned how to stitch signatures together using a coptic stitch and made a large number of white paper sketchbooks. Each person in my sister's family got one of these. I designed a specific picture for each of them to put in silver paint on the front cover and they were a big hit. I was really glad and a bit relieved. My sister has been massively decluttering her house and the last thing I wanted to do was give them something that would feel cluttery. Everybody loved their book and everybody loved their picture.
Big H (for whom I drew a train) went up to his dad and said, "She needs to make me a pen!" Hah, not this year buddy.


My mother has been working on a massive project for my nephew...and it was an amazing hit. My mother has been working on this train quilt for Big H for weeks and weeks but it is something to behold. There are applique trains and machine quilting and when I pointed out the train track signs on each corner he looked at me and said with a bit of disdain, "Those are semiphores Aunt Jeanette." I stand corrected; they are indeed semiphores.
He loves his quilt and wouldn't let anybody sit under it or touch it and later in the evening when he put on his new Christmas pajamas, he plopped on his quilt and looked like he was going to go to bed RIGHT THERE.

"Look at your face in the mirror"

Of course my dad is enchanted with the youngest baby and they had a good time playing in front of the mirror. I think she was enchanted by the candles but it made for a cute shot.

"Who's yer Daddy..?."

Things were winding down and both my brother in law sighted and my oldest niece princess_olooked a bit peaked. I love my niece. She has every man she knows completely wrapped around her little finger. I am amused thinking of what she will be like at 16. All during the evening she climbed on every male lap in the room. She also filled several pages of her new sketchbook and when I told her to slow down a little bit she gaped at me, "But Aunt Jeanette...there's SO MANY PAGES!!!"

"Doodle, doodle, doodle"

My oldest nephew also filled a few pages in his new sketchbook but he took things a little slower. This is one of my more favorite pictures of him...usually he has to show you something in the picture. When I first came in he was standing by the Christmas tree and I thought it would be a cute shot. I asked him to look at me...which he did, saw the camera and immediately pulled off a candy cane to proudly brandish in the picture.

"Ladies in Red"

The youngest niece was getting tired and a bit fussy. Time to tie her to Momma! Yay for mobys, Christmas Eve and ginger beer. I think this shot of my sister and her youngest girl is adorable. SO CUTE. One could get cavities if you look at the picture for too long.

</a> "Los Hermanos Atwood"

This however is my favorite shot of the evening. It is a rare thing that all the Atwood siblings are together and I wanted to get a shot of us all together. It wasn't until after the shots were taken and we were looking at the pix that we realized were had color coordinated. I need to lighten it up just a wee bit but I think we're a good looking crew.


Also for fun I had this one snapped...each of us taking a swig of our ginger beer. Mmmm...ginger beer.

All in all it's been a wonderful Christmas.

Sooze gifted me with a beautiful handknitted greenscarf exactly the color of a shaved Oscar the Grouch, the kids each picked out a pair of socks for me and I love them. (Sooze tells me she had to gently take them away from the bright pink socks!) and I think everybody had a most pleasant evening. We were all very happy on the drive home and most of us changed into our pajamas and crashed into our respective nests.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
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