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It has been an excellent weekend so far:


Friday afternoon I went with my work to go see Peter Jackson's KING KONG and invited Lawrence to come along with me. The flick was amazing but it DID feel overly bloated and while there were only 2 bits that I big time rolled my eyes at, there were several scenes that I felt could have been saved for the DVD.
The thing what most flabbergasted me was how I completely bought into Kong's performance. I wasn't distracted by any of the CG animation and for me THAT is saying something. Somebody tell the Academy to get their collective heads out of their collective arses and give Andy Serkis a freakin' Oscar already.

That evening I spent a lot of time online chatting with Mark B about checking flights and times to New Zealand. SQUEE. More on THAT later!




Saturday I went and ran a few quick errands in the morning, made a copy of the house key for nokiai who had lost hers, got some grocery shopping and then went(late, YIKES!) to our choir practice for the Sunday performance. It was a good practice but there were still a lot of parts I was rather shaky on and I realized I wasn't hiding it well, (nor were Brittany and Donna) when during the rehearsal Holly (one of our strongest altos) turned around and said, "Do you guys want me to go over this with you after?" HAH! OH YES!

Part of the Saturday, come to choir deal, was there would be breakfast after and boy, it was a SPREAD and a half. Waffles, fruit, sausage...twas a great thing and then we had our private alto run through. I got more out of that 20 minutes/ half an hour than I had got in all our months of rehearsals. I think the 3 of us felt a lot better about where we were at for Sunday's performance.

I then went through my closet and had a bit of a purge. Okay, a LOT of a purge. I was without ruth and garbage sacked a lot of items. My job is having a clothing drive so I will be taking them in tomorrow. There is something so freeing and therapeutic about getting rid of STUFF. My room still needs a really good dusting and there are lots of papers and stuff I need to go through but it feels really GREAT to live a spartan life. I honestly don't need a lot of STUFF.


That evening my friend Donna came by bearing dinner, (yee hah!) and we had a good chat and I showed her the diagram my friend Chris had made about getting the last signature and cover on a coptic bound sketchbook. There is still something I am not figuring out...her cover was still too loose. Ah well, I will get it down pat, this I vow.
Also showed her fun with pen and ink as well as ink and brush. I think she really was taken with the brush and I expect she will play with it on her own.
Also because I missed life drawing that morning up at the U, I wheedled for her to sit still for me so I could play with the pen (it's TOUGH to draw with a dip pen!) and then I had her sit still and I tried to get her face using material I knew how to work with. I'll post it tomorrow...don't have access to a scanner right now. Drawing faces is by far my weakest point and I would like for that to eventually become a strength.


Chatted with Mark B a bit more on the phone...there are some tentative dates and flights but right now nearly everything is booked solid. ARGH. HE wants me to fly out on the 27th kind of thing...but there just isn't anything readily available!


Today was our big choir performance and I was really impressed at how well everything pulled together. I still have several numbers running through my head. The biggest thrill I got was seeing my parents and Lawrence walk in. It's nice to feel supported even if one only is a 2nd alto in a very large choir.

Love singing Christmas hymns. Few things put me in the holiday spirit more.

Ho ho ho.


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Dec. 21st, 2005 12:34 am (UTC)
I was distracted by the CG in the commercials I have no desire to see it in the theater
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