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Naked Saturday AND Thursday! You lucky dogs!

First of all, I made it as an LJ Christmas gift for cherokee1but she has graciously allowed me to use it myself so I now have a new life drawing icon. I'm rather proud of it.

Made it to an open session of figure drawing up at the University of Utah last Saturday and had an enjoyable time. It was interesting to be drawing amid the grit of a university art room with ancient equipment in the corners and the feel of decades of chaotic raggedy projects. It felt very RAW...very REAL as opposed to the carefully constructed and oh so soothing neo renaissance feel of Kamille's studio where everything reflected her or her students.
Not saying one is better than the other...frankly, I prefer Kamille's but I was glad just to be drawing again.

Monica: 10 Minutes
Monica was rather reubensque which made for a change after the dynamic muscle and bone of Cassandra. I rather like this drawing...I did a few with conte and a white pencil but there is something really appealing about this straight to ink drawing I think. I think it captures her weight quite nicely and while the left arm is a bit weak it DOES look like her facially which really tickles me pink. Not bad for a 10 minute piece.

Cassandra: 5 minutes

Yes, it's the ever lovely Cassandra, this time at a former Kamille regulars studio. I guess Lance has had sessions going for a while (he calls them Themes) but this was the first time I actually made it out. (Tried last week. Apparently there are TWO 2100 Souths!) Anyway, it was a most delightful evening and I adored the lighting. All of Cassandra's gestures were amazing but this one I think I caught the best. I wish I had better captured the high contrast between her dark, dark hair and the glowing of her hand though. It was stunning.

Cassandra: 25 Minutes

Same for this pose. As soon as I saw it was I was royally kicking myself for not bring nice paper. There was something SO dynamic and predatory...almost FERAL about the pose that I in no way managed to capture. Very rarely do really desire to work in color (some day...but not any time soon,) but the lighting and the color and the FIERCENESS of the pose seriously was heart stopping. I told Cassandra, "Is this pose was on the cover of a book, I would BUY it!"
There probably ARE some good things about the drawing even though dynamically it just feels flat to me. Maybe I will like it in a month or so. Right now ... I'm kind of depressed by it.

Fun things about the evening:

Lance burns francensince during the sessions and wow, I really, really like it. So much that he gave me a little bit for Christmas. In return I went to the back of Friday and pulled out one of my newly made sketchbooks and gave it to him in return. He was seriously stunned and gave me this enormous hug. For a minute I was afraid he was going to cry he liked it so much.
It's nice to see something you work so hard on so greatly appreciated. I told him I was excited to see the stuff that would go into it. Blank sketchbooks are so full of potential...I love them.

What do you think sirs?
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