Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Ten Things" or "Yes, it's another one of those posts"

1. Got invited to participate in an illustrators show in January. Need to pick two pieces and get them matted and framed. This is kind of cool!

2. Made sketchbooks last night. I was sitting on the floor and as I leaned forward my weight came to bear on my left knee. Unfortunately I leaned onto a thumbtack and while my knee was not pierced by said thumbtack I leaned on it at precisely the wrong angle and it put exactly the wrong amount of pressure on my patella which in turn compressed a bunch of nerves inside my knee. Long story short... it felt like hitting your funny bone...except at your KNEE and times 100! I haven't felt anything that exquisitely PAINFUL for quite a while. My knee locked up and it's still a bit stiff this morning. Don't try this at home kiddies. Seriously. I think I went into mild shock from it.
Glad I had a friend there who didn't laugh and instead bundled me up in my quilt until I shook it off.

3. I'm hoping to make it to another life drawing session tonight. We'll see how that goes.

4. I've been having crash courses in Maya for modeling and rigging and texturing. I have been taking copious notes. I'm still an animator but every little shred of knowledge helps. Right now my brain is about to explooode from my tutorial about texturing. I've learned a LOT.

5. 17 pink peppermints `till Christmas. And there's lots and lots of things for us to do...

6. Would you go out with a guy who spells "a lot" as "alot" ?

7. Obviously I didn't make it to the gym today (what with the knee stiffies and all that,) and now I feel GLUCK. Need to GO.

8. I'm rather proud of myself for keeping on top of Red Sparrow with the full page comics. Just got 2 more inked and scanned in ready to go. I reread the whole archive the other day and it sure reads a lot better that way!

9. I'm getting very, very, very weary of roommates who invite many people into our house and make a lot of noise during the wee hours. I had no intention of renewing my lease when it's up in June. Now I'm thinking about leaving early.

10. I caved and had a diet Dr. Pepper today. Mmmm...Dr. Pepper.

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