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Up & Running...

Yay for wireless internet access.

Got an airport card and base station. Now all I need is cheap wireless speakers. That's a ways off but in the meantime I'm looking forward to being able to write entries while sitting in my bed.

Starting a contest at work. Details pending, but the tentative title is The Great Mega Weigh Out. Yikes, but should be interesting to say the least. A bunch of us are getting a scale and some calipers and seeing who can lose the most in terms of weight and dropping body fat percentage in a month. We're still figuring out rules etc because we want to try and be healthy about this. Motivation? The fact that everybody knows about it, plus we're all putting 5 dollars in a pot and at the end of the month, winner take all.

Nice xenologue, but I think it's going to be quite a while before I think I'm going to post my actual stats. ;)

Resting Heart Rate: 100, wait, 78, wait 90, wait...56,, um, 65... (and yes, that's pretty much how it goes.)
Weight: one hundred (mumble mumble mumble...)
Body Fat?: Why yes. Yes it is.

Pushups: Hang on...lemme see... nose to the floor huh? Hold on...

Hmm. Turns out 21. Huh. Not as bad as I feared. Kewl.

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