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Evacuations and Rescues

People in large growds are DUMB.

The day previous had been yet another nightmare at the theater. We wound up having to evacuate the place, twice. With all the of the problems we've been having, (coolant leaks etc,) you would think by this point we would have a decent organized evacuation plan in place. We don't.
.even if yesterday had been a perfect day, without any kinks whatsoever, we would have still been grossly understaffed. When the lights started flashing, both Nathan and I who were in the vault looked at each other, groaned, grabbed radios and raced out into the morass of people flooding out of their theaters, screaming and wondering what was going on.

The lack of information was the number one frustration. I kept hearing different things but my priority really was to get the people OUT. The problem was, nobody seemed to want to GO. It got so we had over 1000 people in the LOBBY, not leaving, people trying to come IN and buy tickets, people demanding money back...and all I could think about was how incredibly stupid all these people were. GET OUT!!!

We started majorly pushing them out...but again, dissimination of information being nill, the next thing I knew the crowd had reversed and everybody was going BACK to their theater. I guess somebody cleared us to go back in, so uh, okay. Umm...that was quick. Okay. Well.

We got everybody back in, (relatively smoothly I might add) and every able bodied person was on a till frantically trying to sell tickets and push the phenomenal lines that had built up through...and the lights started going again.


Once was forgivable...even by the people who had been there for both floods...but to have it happen twice...well...there were a lot of extremely angry people. I couldn't blame them, but at the same time I was dumbfounded by the behavior of the mindless crowd. There was much screaming for refunds (and once one person got a cash refund, there was quite the run on the bank...) I was completely dumbfounded. Yes, we're evacuating the theater. It MUST be serious or we wouldn't be pushing you out. So with all this, people are starting to stand in an impromptu line to GET THEIR MONEY BACK?! Holy smokes, GET OUT!!!

And while I'm not really upset at the amount of people yelling at me, (I'd be upset too if my movie were interrupted twice,) as much as I am concerned if there had been a real disaster. The `what if's' are what I find scary.

If there had been a real fire, a real bomb, a real ANYTHING problem...there would have been a LOT of people dead. I have read stories about clubs that burn down with hundreds inside and wondered why they didn't get out. Geez, now I know!!! I wonder about September 11th and what that must have been like. How come so many people went UP the stairs and not down, how was information being passed around? It's a scary thing to contemplate. What if there HAD been something really and truly WRONG. We would have had 2000 deaths on our hands, we got told. I interrupted. "2000 plus ONE!"
Knowing me and my temperment and how I've found myself in a crisis, I wouldn't have left the theater until I was absolutely sure the last guest was out.

...and frankly, I would have been furious to find myself on the other side, dead because of some stupid theater job and idiots who would rather stand in a line demanding money back than get the heck OUT while they still had time.

After it was all over all the management got pulled into Dick's office where he told us in 23 years, this was the ugliest thing he'd seen. (I instantly thought he'd led a rather dull life, but that's neither here nor there.) He didn't blame I said before and said pointedly to him, even if it had been a flawless day we would have been grossly understaffed, we need to find a way to get information to each other and we need a freakin' PLAN!!!

I actually had nightmares last night at wyckhursts which I'm sure are related. I dreamt I was at a till with a screen I didn't recognize and was being mobbed by people who wanted me to make golf reservations. (I wonder where the heck THAT came from seeings as I know squat about golf...which is maybe why my brain picked it.) I kept staring at the till, trying to help people..."Um, so how many balls do you need with that?" "'s a 3:30 tee time?" getting more and more frustrated and noticing that it kept getting harder and harder to SEE. I finally had to page someone for help and tell the screaming crowd, "I can't help you. I've gone blind." "Sorry, I'm blind. I can't help."

It was really disturbing.

So, it was nice to wake up at wyckhurst's anyway. I went to her house late last night after finally getting off work and eating at the new Thaifoon restaurant at the Gateway. Had the same waitress too...Sue. Very nice.

Anyway, she was going to need help kid wrangling while she was giving her talk (which was excellent,) so I volunteered to go down. Mom and Dad had just gotten home from Colorado so I figured I could leave Beowulf overnight.

As always, visiting Suzanne is good on my soul.

Church was so much fun. One of the highlights was during sharing time, S raised his hand and said fiercely, "If you don't follow the prophet...your city will be DESTROYED!!!"
I also did a little cartoon that got quite a chuckle of Suzanne and the other primary leaders. There was a flier going around for an activity which had a funny typo...(or someone needs to learn to spell.)
So I did a drawing (which I need to scan and post) that has a lady holding a casserole dish heaped with sand and little mini cacti. She is saying to a really puzzled looking guy, "Well, I was confused too, but it SAID bring a desert!"

Hee hee hee.

Had a nap and when I woke up I read the first bit of a book Suzanne loaned me about if you grew up with controlling parents. It's kind of horrible but also healing in a way. I need to start keeping a self therapy journal. I have been given a lot of insights and flashes and moments of "ah THAT'S why," and I need to figure out what exactly to do with them.

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing and dancing and singing and drawing and spinning and playing `catch the light' with S and O (bouncing the light off the face of my watch all over S's room,) and was just a lot of fun.

Which I need.

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