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Oscars & Animation

Well, I wasn't going to watch the "We're the Beautiful People: Let us honor ourselves Blabfest" but then I thought, "What the heck!" I had seen quite a few movies this year and I was curious to see how I would do in our Oscar pool at work. I was also certain that Michael Moore would win an award for Bowling for Columbine and that he was certain to make a collosal ass of himself.

I turned out to be a pretty good guesser, getting 13 correct. Yay for me! (and I was highly entertained by the Angry Fat White Liberal. That was hilarious!)

I was VERY shocked and VERY pleasantly surprised when they gave "Spirited Away" best animated picture. Wow, the picture that really and truly deserved it!!! Maybe there is hope for the academy after all!!!

I was also delighted with the words of the crew of Lord of the Rings who thanked their amazing animation department. Indeed!!! It's criminal that Andy Serkis wasn't nominated, but also not a surprise. I remember in in 1992 when Beauty & the Beast was nominated for best picture and during the evening you couldn't count the half jestful wisecracks of how actors will be out of jobs if this is a precedent. They joked...but they were scared.

For the truly hideous, what were they thinking category, hands down the winner tonight was the 3D animated Mickey Mouse. Holy smokes that thing was a monstrosity!!! GAAAH!!!

I'm so sick of everyone predicting the end of 2D animation! (and don't get me started on the rumors I've heard from the House of Mouse about remaking The Sorcerers Apprentice as a 3D film!) Maybe that is another reason I'm so delighted with the win of Spirited Away. Last year the three animated films nominated for best picture were all 3D and we had to deal with the media and punditry making wisecracks about how "animators used so slave over paper with pencils. Now they slave away over keyboards," and how utterly dead, last nail in the coffin rhetoric traditional animation was. Like anyone who picks up a pencil is obsolete. (and I'm REALLY looking forward to the day I can read an article about animation that DOESN'T mention how much The Lion King made!!! CRIMONY!)

THIS year the majority of films nominated were (more) classical than computer. We did have to listen to Jeff Katzenberg trying to create the word "tradigital" for Spirit which makes me want to hurl, but we also had the delightful Lilo & Stitch (my pick after Spirited Away) which was as un "tradigital" as I think you could get (with the exception of the space ships and the surfboards. Yes, what cutting edge technology...WATERCOLOR backgrounds. How beautiful, how not nausea inducing (SPIRT cough cough!)

So, there is hope for Hollywood, there is hope for animators...and actually without animators, Hollywood is a much, MUCH poorer place. The `beautiful people' can make all the wisecracks they like, but y'know what? Julia Roberts is going to get old... but Snow White will always look as beautiful as the day she was drawn.

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