Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Ten things" or "Update so far"

1. Worked on sketchbook stuff last night at my folks house and wound up sleeping on the couch. Was plagued with nightmares and images that WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I wish I could purge them from my brain but they flash unwanted into my brain. Every time one does I flinch. Tis not a comfortable thing. GO AWAY.

2. Went to the improv group on Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun and I have missed the energy that theatre people have. I learned a lot actually which was good. Looking forward to going back...unfortunately it only lasts until the end of the year. Le sigh...

3. Red Sparrow has become fun again. Going full page and daily for the next little bit. Next year I plan on delving more into Sparrow's character. As of late she's been careened about from event to event and other characters are dwarfing her. Also need to get the website finally done the way I want it to look so I can confidentally pimp the strip out.

4. 24 pink peppermints until Christmas! And there's lots and lots of things for me to do... but not TOO many. This should hopefully be a low key Christmas.

5. Already starting to think of all the things I want to accomplish and places I want to go next year.

6. I am happiest when I have a good workout. Must remember that.

7. When I am going through something stressful or hard or emotionally upsetting, in the back of my brain I think, "This will make a great cartoon some day." I wonder what people who don't cartoon do.

8. I like have Christmas and New Years. I *loathe* January and February. There is nothing redeemingable about those months. I wish I were a bear and could just hibernate through them. After New Years I'm ready for it to be late March.

9. Homemade turkey noodle soup rocks.

10. I'm a wee bit bored.

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