Jett (jatg) wrote,

...and the rain rain rain came tumblin' down...

Sweet relief from the sheer mugginess that has been Salt Lake. The last couple of days we've been in the throes of a heat wave such as never before recorded. We broke the 1960 record and had 10 days that hit the triple digits for temperature. What's been odd is how humid it has been as well.
I'm not complaining. I've lived in humidity. I know what it's like and honestly I don't think it bothers me as badly as it does others. Still though, coming home tonight and seeing hungry dark clouds hanging low punctuated by moments of sheer lightning brilliance I couldn't help but mutter to myself, "Rain. Please. Rain, rain rain rain rain," like some pyschotic rain charmer.
I am reminded of one of the adventures of the Mad Scientists club (Big Chief Rainmaker) where they shot laced rockets n order to get it to rain. They hit a big dark one that was going to rain on them anyway and it poured on the town for days and days.

I am distracted.

It has been a long, long day. I hurried home from wyckhursts house early this morning. It was nice to be up so early. We had been up too late talking and her love seat is just long enough to not be able to quite stretch out. Waking is a bit of a relief. I wish she could find the plug to her air mattress.

Vising her is, as always, good on my soul. I love playing with her children and it is one of the best things of my life to knock on the door and see them come running arms outstretched. S is getting more and more huggy. I do not complain.

As she has already written we filled the kids pool and went out and had a swell ol' time. It made me laugh, hard, to see how wimpy she was in the water (and it WAS really really COLD.) I made a teasing pointed comment how I always thought she was so tough and now she couldn't sit down in a swimming pool.
Her eyes glinted mischeviously and I had flashbacks of Jones when I flicked a little water at her. I was sitting in the pool and she was standing and the next thing I knew she had kicked a huge spray at me. I was surprised but I threw a lot back at her, thinking (rightly) that I was already mostly wet so my water would have more of an effect.
I was right seeing her scramble out of the pool and run away. I reflected smugly to myself for 1.4 seconds until she launched herself into the pool and tackled me from behind.


I can wrestle.

We tussled for a second but I won when I grabbed her so she couldn't slip away and flipped myself on my back (remember she's still attached to it,) and she got good and soaked.

Well, we both did but we were laughing too hard to care by this point.

I have to say I was really surprised she did it.

S and O weren't though. They were both in their own little worlds, S strolling dreamily about the yard pretending to be a sea anenome. (it's hilarious the way he does it too!) He likes to kneel in the pool and hold his arms out slightly and then `wave in the current.' He slowly sways and wiggles his fingers a little bit. He closes his eyes and makes his mouth an "O" and then requests for someone to brush something up against his tentacles. If you do he curles up quickly shoving said item into his mouth...because that is how they EAT.
It's one of the funniest cutest things I've ever seen.

O just wants to prance around and play with cups and maybe sit in Mommy's lawn chair. She is, as ever, adorable.

H splashed in his pool for a while but got grumpy and went and had a nap.

It was Big BIG FUN.

As she previously said we stayed up too late talking but it was really productive for me. I learned that:

1. I'm not as crazy as I thought.
2. Oh yes, I am. I'm totally nuts.
3. Better do something about it.

Actually only the first one was a bit of a surprise. Actually confessing a lot of my crazy behavior to Suzanne and having her be perfectly okay with it was a huge surprise. I am grateful. If I didn't have to open in the morning I would be tempted to drive down to her place and spend the night and play with the kids for a bit of the day.

Work was LONG today. I got in, got the day ready to go, had to go to JC to pick up some quarters and when I got back I realized that I had swapped days in my head and I was supposed to be in a 4:00. Unfortunately we were also being really SLAMMED (over 3000 people in under 2 hours,) and we were really short handed and there was just no way I could go.
So, today was a near double.


Speaking of Woof...Beowulf was very happy to see me. I was happy to see him too. The place would be too lonely to not have him with me.

It's pouring now. The sky decided to open up within 15 minutes of coming home. I can hear the rain dropping in torrents. I am pleased. Now I don't have to worry about setting off the sprinklers tonight. Bang, Crash, the lightning flashed...and I am home with roast chicken, hash browns and a cat that wants to cuddle.

Some ain't too bad.

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