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"Poor mum" or "Sharing the love..."

Missed church today and instead spent the day flopped for the most part on my parents couch. I AM feeling better...certainly not up to par but the small bowl of mashed potatoes mixed in with a LOT of gravy yesterday stayed down and I was relieved when the same babyfood type concoction stayed down today as well.

Sad to say, poor wurtmann is indeed fighting the same bug. She and my dad also missed church and while my dad watched a truckload of football, my poor mom spent most of the day in bed. She did make some jello broth and while she hasn't thrown up I'm pretty sure it's the same thing. My mom only throws up if something is SERIOUSLY whacked. She had major, major back surgery when I was a junior in high school and she threw up then. She said the last time before that she threw up she was probably pregnant with Lawrence so she has an iron tum.

Don't you love all these anecdotal stories about the vomit habits of my family? Uh huh, I knew you would.

It's not a vomit story but I could talk about the time my older brother fell down the stairs.

Then again, maybe I won't.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow. I'm feeling much better, Thanksgiving is over and most of my Christmas is well under way.

Tis a good start to the holiday season.

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