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"Spew" or "9 lbs later..."

I hadn't been feeling well all day yesterday but things finally hit the boiling point yesterday evening. I truly can not think the last time I have had to endure projectile vomiting like that. I would have been impressed if I hadn't been so miserable...but it hit every hour on the hour until 3:00 am. Throw up into the wastebasket as I whimpered miserably on the couch, some part of my brain detached thinking, "Man...how can there even BE anything in my stomach at this point?!" and then feel the other end start to rebel and hastily stumbling off to the bathroom where I took care of the other end...equally impressive and gross.

My sister's children had been hit with a similar sounding bug previously this week but she thought they were recovered enough to bring out. They probably were but with a lot of stresses I have been going through as well as not sleeping I guess my system was primed for a bug like this. Poor phoenix_jade called this afternoon with similar reports.

With that said I would like to say that it was totally worth it to see them. They were so much fun.

This morning my mom pulled out some anti nausea brew (where was it LAST NIGHT?) and it seemed to finally settle some things down. Still recovering. My folks also came back (from the fabric store, of course!) with some regular coke and some pepto bismol. Not a coke fan...at all...but my taste buds are completely whacked. All I taste is sweet and it REALLY seems to have settled things down.

Also I am grateful my mom finished the binding on the quilt I made. Yay for quilt #5!

It's not a plus...nobody wants to lose weight like this...but when I got on my mother's scale this morning...I was NINE POUNDS lighter than I was after wyckhurst and I weighed in after Thanksgiving. It'll come back I'm sure...it's just food and water making a violent exit...but wow. NINE POUNDS. NINE. In 18 hours. Don't try this at home kiddies...leave it to the projectile professionals.

Oh and since my folk's DVD player doesn't work I'm at the mercy of what is on public television. Rats...I was hoping for a Battlestar Galactica or Firefly marathon. As is I'm watching a 3 hour show on PBS about the history of mining in Utah and early today watched a special on Pete Rozelle. Huh...things I didn't know about the history of the NFL and AFL and the origins of the Superbowl and Monday Night Football. Maybe someday I will use some of those factoids on Jeopardy.


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Nov. 27th, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)
Oh no!!! I hope you're feeling better.

Sympathies and empathies. Six years ago our Thanksgiving became "Pukefest '99", as a particularly evil stomach virus swept through my sister-in-law's house starting that Friday night, starting with the kids and moving up to the adults one by one. It hit me on Saturday night at 3am, and I hope to never be that sick again, EVER. I had to take Monday off work b/c there was no way I was driving home on Sunday. Ick.

I found that PediaPops helped a lot -- if you're still feeling ooky they will give you some nutrients at least.
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