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"Giving Thanks" or "Gee...THAT works!"

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.

"Hey, Suzanne, ask me what I am grateful for!"
"Okay Jeanette, what are you grateful for?"
"Funny you should ask," I quip. "I am grateful I am not working at a MOVIE THEATRE!"

Tis true. Amid all my many, many blessings I have received this year my animation job still ranks #1. I am so, so, so grateful to do what I love for a living, enough to pay my bills, be close to my family and amid all my other perks get to take my cat in with me. I have no idea where I will be next year but for now, I am so thankful I did not have to go in after dinner and go sell popcorn and make sure everything is running and deal with a never ending crush of people.
And true, I didn't have to do it last year either but my theatre job has caused me to never take anything for granted ever again. I am fond (and weary) of quoting "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away." I'm trying to be more aware of my blessings.


Today was Big Fun at la Chez Atwood. All of us, minus Mark (fallenpegasus) were here along with Lawrence's (phoenix_jade) girlfriend Annette. Nobody except for Lawrence knew she was coming but she fit right in and hey, it's not like we didn't have enough food. Of course my favorite part was playing with the nieces and nephews. I took a slew of photos...have to post them up when I get them sucked off my dad's camera.


When everybody left I had a crash on the couch, cuddled up under my new quilt. It is crazy WARM. It was designed to be a more rough and tumble "take camping" sort of quilt so I am of course delighted by it.

Can't get too used to sleeping under it just still needs the binding done on 3 sides. Since I vacuumed and dusted AND pulled down and set up my mother's porcelain houses and did the lighting for them I will feel a lot less sheepish by groveling for her to do the other 3 sides. Heh.

I've started plotting out another one in my head. I am insane.

Not as insane as my mother who wants to hit a fabric store sale tomorrow at SIX AM!!! SIX AM!!! And the more insane part, I will be accompanying her. I need to get some material for sketchbook covers.


Anyway, as I was drifting off...and I had a period of time where you feel lucid but are unable to move your body...I thought "wow, next time I can't sleep I should just eat a few pounds of turkey!" What makes me laugh is at the time I thought that was a brilliant solution for my insomnia. Um...since I am still trying to pull off another 20lbs of sludge, probably not the best bet...but hey, turkey DOES knock you out.

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