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"Production" or "Creative Endeavors"

Got into production mode last night and got enough signatures cut and assembled for 10 toned sketchbooks and 1 "especially for ink" sketchbook. I am pleased. It's quite a stack. I cheerfully admit I'm a fan of Desperate Housewives and to a lesser degree Grey's Anatomy on Sunday evenings but at least I'm productive during.
Need to get some more chipboard at the art store cut today and figure out if I have enough leather for the covers.


Church was good yesterday. Our relief society teacher teaches high school English. Currently they are going through Hamlet. She talked about the essays she has read and commented on one in particular. It was written by an 18 year old girl...and she wrote one sentence about what she has learned from Hamlet.
Rather than talking Hamlet's delay or whether or not the ghost was real or all the other things people discuss about this particular gloomy prince, she instead wrote this:

"I have learned from Ophelia it is stupid to love a boy more than he loves you."

Considering Ophelia's fate, I think that 18 year old girl is very wise.


Our church choir is getting ramped up for our Christmas program. Rehearsals are getting fun. My voice still isn't 100%... talking is fine...singing I am horrified at the lack of control I have. I'd better start practicing a bit harder in the shower.

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