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Naked Tuesday

Awww...aren't we cute?

When I walked into the studio last night I was struck with 2 things... one, tango music and 2, my good friend Chris had returned and was dancing with the ever lovely Cassandra. I was delighted to see him. We are planning a sketchbook making party...he's figured out the coptic stitch and I want to learn.

Not that you all care. You want to see the drawings.

I see how you are.

Naked Tuesday: the Drawings
Oh, quick note...when you click the thumbnail it will take you to the page of drawings for that all the thumbnails are on the same page. I want to get the script set up I can have individual pictures up on each page instead of individual dates but I haven't gotten around to that yet. So when you click the thumbnail, just scroll to down to the drawing.

Here we go!

Cassandra: 5 gestures of 5 minute length.
Click for full drawing

Not too bad though some of the lines still feel a little bit stiff and I could definitely be pushing the poses a bit more. I'm still getting over my fear of nice paper.

Cassandra: 40 minutes
Click for full drawing

One of my big focuses this year is the head...more importantly getting it to really LOOK like the person. Talking to Chris, he says one of the big things is getting it positioned on the neck correctly, which is true and the best landmark for that is where the neck and jaw and ear meet.
I like this drawing, there are a lot of good things about it but the head doesn't really feel like it flows in and is part of the drawing. It feels fairly disjointed.
However...I think the subtelties of dark and light are fairly effective on the body.

Cassandra: Various times
Click for full drawing

I started this drawing mostly working on the head...and then almost as an afterthought put the body on which is why they feel like 2 different drawings. The head is labored and overworked...I think the figure is nice. The other heads were sort of scribbles. I figure, like everything you learn how to draw you have to work and work and work and work...and they feel labored and over baked...and then one day something in your brain clicks and you know how to effectively break them down. I hope anyway.


What do you think, sirs?

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