Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Happy Halloween!" or "10 Halloween Memories"

Here's hoping for a fun Halloween for all on my flist!

Today is one of my favorite holidays...candy and parties and wish fulfillment costumes and countless memories.

In no particular order... Halloween memories...some good, some not so much.

1. Going to a branch party in NC and with the exception of my sister who refused to do it, my whole family went cross dressed. I remember my dad in one of my mom's maternity dresses and a wig. Mark became Marsha, I was Jerry, Brent was Brenda and Lawrence was Laurie. I think Suzanne was a princess. I was very young so my memory of this is pretty shaky...but I know it happened.

2. When I was in first grade us kids were grounded from trick or treating. BRUTAL. I mean...BRUTAL.

3. Going trick or treating in North Carolina. It was especially fun this particular year because my grandparents had come to visit. My older brother was a wizard and he had nylon over his face which did wonderful distorty things. My sister was a princess and *I* was the Lone Ranger.

4. Drawing my brother's 9th grade English Halloween story. Can't remember all the details ... it was kind of creepy...this kid goes to an old abandoned haunted house and is surprised to find someone there who actually gives him candy. The next morning he hears the house burned down in the night and when he checks his bag of candy he finds a handful of ashes. You'll have to ask fallenpegasus for details of the story.

The bottom line is he asked me like at 9 pm Sunday evening to draw his story which was due the next day.

5. When I was in fifth grade for some wacko reason it was decided that instead of individual costumes my 5th grade class would do the school parade as football players and cheerleaders. I tried to rebel but was forced to go along with it. In retrospect I feel bad for the room mothers who were probably as equally unenthused as I was about making a bunch of crepe mini skirts and pompoms for the girls (and I was SO thoroughly ungrateful for all their hard work,) and now I wonder how the boys who DIDN'T play football and had all the gear at home felt. Anyway...I DETESTED having to march around like a cheerleader and I ripped that thing off me as soon as the parade was over.

6. Two years later, same English teacher, same project...a LOT more lead in time I illustrated my sister's story. She did a take on a story my grandmother's grandmother had told her. Ida Ludeen Howe was born on October 31st...but was told she was left on the porch in a pumpkin. wyckhurst wrote a darling story and I illustrated it. Every so often I think about asking her if she would like to dust it off and rework it. I think it would be cute.

7. Two years later...same English teacher...same project...this time it's MY Halloween story. A bit of a sequel to my sister's story I told the tale of The Monster Who Was Afraid of the Dark.

8. When I was on my mission the Spanish branch I was serving in did a Trunk or Treat and it fell to me and my comp to decorate one of the doors. I pulled out my pastels and went to town. I wouldn't be surprised if they still had the paper from my door somewhere, everyone so flipped out over it. I wound up doing a LOT of drawing that were more excited about little doodles I would do for them than they candy they got! As I recall Power Rangers were VERY big and I drew a LOT of them.

9. Going to a party in downtown Toronto and spending most of the time hanging out on the balcony. "So...would you rather fly or be invisible?"

10. So far this year I have eaten too much crap, dressed as Generic Hero Girl and will be hanging out at Night Flight comics tonight. Should be fun.

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