Jett (jatg) wrote,

"10 Things" or "In no particular order, here are some thoughts and things and doings..."

Actually...I'm wondering with this post if anybody even gets all the things I am referencing:

1. I tested all of The Hat last night...instead of just the little chunks I've been working on...and I am thrilled! It's really coming together. I admit I was getting scared since I worked on it late on Monday and late on Tuesday night as well and wound up throwing everything out at the end of the night. Something just started to CLICK on Wednesday night and last night as well. I'm going to take a break on it this weekend.

2. Speaking of this weekend, going out to Farmington to hopefully get some more projects that have been needed to get done under my belt. Break out the fabric, paper and scissors! Weee hah!

3. I'm all about the barter system. I'm doing a logo for tigrrgrrwho does THE cutest baby soakers Evaaaah. In exchange she is making something...(even I'm not sure what) for my niece. I felt a bit guilty for asking her about it since we had already agreed on the swap...but she has cheerfully agreed to make a JAYNE HAT! Yes...I too will look like the Hero of Canton. Not nearly as impressive as pr10n...who knitted his own hat for the premiere of Serenity...but you do what you can. Cunning! I just need a big gun named Vera.

4. Red Sparrow. Yes...I KNOW I am behind...and it's not that I'm stuck...I know exactly what is going on and what will be happening...I just haven't had time to sit and DRAW them. Well, that's not true. Sunday I tried to sit down and draw and for whatever reason...I couldn't muster up the energy to even doodle in church! Yeah, that's bad! It seems to have gone away. I've knocked out a few random cartoons this week. I just need to get back to Red Sparrow.

5. Friday is officially sexy pants day.

6. I refuse to live, ever again, with people who have never lived away from home before. My first time living away from home I was a missionary and that's not an environment too primed for the melodrama and silliness that I encounter when I go home. I kept odd ball hours when I was at school in Canada...but my wildest nights generally involved potlucks and PIT or going to Ceilis and talking until stupid o'clock in the morning.

Yes, I sound old and grouchy...but I AM old and grouchy. Or at least I'm not 18 and think ghosts live in the house and want to party at 2:00 in the morning.

7. I need to run more.

8. Brian Bendis is stupid for having killed off Gwen Stacey so early in Ultimate Spider-Man. She was by far the most interesting side character and her death was just DUMB.

9. I just started Alma in my Book of Mormon's certainly not an entirely new thought...but even when nothing really jumps out at me...I feel BETTER simply by putting myself in contact with the word of God. You don't need to have deep spiritual experiences every day... just make sure you are keeping oil in your proverbial lamp.

10. I truly have a most superior cat. And he needs to get his shots. And I love him.

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