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"A most pleasant evening" or "Exactly where I wanna be..."

After a most satisfying day of work (I've been relearning Flash and making lieca reels...a task at which I rule,) I went to another new class at the gym. It's called Body Combat...and though I worked up a fairly good still felt like an easier version of kickboxing. I'd gotten used slugging around to 7 to 10 lbs weights when I did all the jabs and when I do them in this class without any weights at all I can't help but smirk at everyone around me crying that their arms hurt and I feel like I can punch the air forever.

I've spent the rest of the evening working and reworking and reworking a 4 to 5 second scene of The Hat. I can easily understand how people think animation to be tedious and exhausting and mind numbing but there is something affirming to take a bit of chaos and create form out of it... working from big to small...and eventually the character has that...spark...that little bit of life and hopefully when people watch him in action they will be watching a personality...and watch him think and ponder and make decisions and not look at my technique at all...though the overlap of the arms IS very nice. As animator literally means "life giver" I can't help but think God was the original in my profession.

It's nights like that make me smile and count my many blessings...I have so many...but tonight I am grateful for my talents and all the forces in my life that have encouraged them and allowed them to develop and grow. From Mrs. Brown, my kindergarten teacher's aid who told me I had artistic talent and that if I wanted to grow up and become and artist I my parents who sacrified so much to finally get me to art school.

I've been told I'm a born teacher and I wonder about that on occassion...not saying I want to teach as a career...but as I was working on this sequence over and over I would post up little bits and show them to Mark B and urbanepleb and explain the process as I went along. I wonder what non animators think about the do they view all of this? Do my explanations make sense? I know the grand majority of my friends have told me they view animation differently after their association with me because I'll take every opportunity to explain some little principle or make them try a little bit. One of my favorite school memories is xenologue staying up with the rest of us 2nd years and doing tonal drapery drawings like the rest of us. When I showed them to Werner the next day he said they were pretty good for someone didn't really draw.

And so now it's 9:30 and I'm going to go home and have a shower and a cup of hot chocolate and brush my teeth and settle into my bed with the electric blanket turned on. Beowulf I'm sure will crawl onto my feet. I'll read my scriptures and when I say my prayers I will continue to be grateful.

And tomorrow...I'll be exactly where I want to be...all over again.

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