Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Jeanette needs" or "Google meme"

Type "your name needs" (get the quotes in) in Google and post the first 10 results:

1. Each of us has needs that are important, but Jeanette's needs aren't most important
and neither are mine. Our shared relationship takes priority.

2....provision of age- and situation-appropriate teaching, case management of Jeanette's needs by using community resources that were culturally acceptable...

3. Jeanette needs to break down the walls of her home and to create the magic circle that will protect her soul from the world...

4. Jeanette needs opinions on her whitetail!

5. Jeanette needs your nuts!

6. Whatever the reason, Jeanette needs to find it out and get to work correcting the problem.

7. Jeanette needs to send out an emaill close to the time and make sure Sven has put it on the website.

8. Jeanette needs these three tools to handle the "interruptions" that make her job te palce where needs are met, questions are answered and everyone stays connected.

9. Jeanette needs to be notified so that money we fundraised may be transferred.

10. Jeanette needs to polish up...acting is bored and stiff.

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