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Yes, I work with a lady who is very much open and out and no, there aren't any problems caused for her. She's very cool, everyone loves her and more than once some of my managers have sighed they wish they could just clone an army of her to work at the theater.

I also work with more than one person who is very much IN and would like to stay there for a variety of reasons.

Whether I'm gay or not is not the issue. When I was informed of these rumors (and who was spreading them,), my first reaction was to be pissed off. The issue is that some of my managers know that I'd rather the rumors NOT be going around. This immediately falls into HRs purvue under `sexual harassment,' and I would have lost control of the situation entirely.

I don't want anyone fired over something as stupid as this and I think things are successfully defused enough that we don't need to involve the levels of extreme upper management.


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