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"Well said," or "What a great line!"

I keep thinking and rethinking over the cliffhanger that Battlestar Galactica has left us on until January...unless you're in Canada in which case you're still left with the image of Adama bleeding out in the CIC, courtesy of some slugs in the gut by a very cold Boomer...and let me just say in all obnoxiousness...y'all are in for a heckuva ride!

Anyway, I was reading the recap on Television Without Pity... and stumbled upon this gem of a sentence about the show:

"Actually, this whole episode has a very frantic, intense 24 vibe about it, only on that show, all the people act like robots and you don't care about their feelings, while on this show, all the robots act like people...and you do."

And...tonight is Serenity. The monster in my chest that represents geekitude purrs...

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