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Wildfires & Birthday Presents

I just spent the last few days at work having to put out a rumor about me before it spread irrovokably out of my control. I'm so furious at so many people and I am really upset that I had to spend any time whatsoever dealing with the situation. Ordinarily I don't care what people think about me but this was one that if it didn't get taken care of then there were going to be some serious consequences, worst case scenario some people would have to be fired.

Apparantly a stupid, stupid comment my brother had cracked in front of my coworkers took root and had started to spread around the theater as fact. It had occurred months ago and I hadn't been around to hear about it when it first happened. I heard about it a few months later but it wasn't until the last couple of days that I realized I really had to stuff this genie back in the bottle. It was this close to getting really really BAD.
Still, as I told one of my managers, I wanted to handle it. The very last thing I wanted was to get HR involved. That would involve investigations and interviews and `sensitivity training' and some serious repercussions for some of the folks I work with. I had to make sure that several serious conversations that took place with managers present so it wouldn't turn into a `he said', `she said,' sort of situation and there were several embarassed people (though probably none more than I,) but on the whole I think I got the whole thing successfully defused.

Moral of the story:
Wire phoenix_jade's mouth shut if he's cracking wise in front of coworkers. Sheesh.

On which I talk about my birthday present and a little history behind it.

One the plus side, I did get my birthday present from him. It's a tome I've been coveting for years!!! Muybridges Complete Human and Animal Locomotion.

Muybridge has been rightly called the father of the modern motion picture. He's probably the most famous for his galloping horse photos. He completely unhinged all previous conceptions on human and animal movement and his plates are still in use today...and it all started over a bet over whether a galloping horse ever had at any point in time all four legs off the ground.
It's interesting. If one looks at paintings of horses before Muybridges famous photos you'll often see what is referred to as the "rocking horse" pose...with all four legs at full extension. Horses were commonly painted in that pose but they never actually struck it.
(Heh. I just noted all of the additional books on that particular Amazon page. I own most of them. ;) (I'd like the acting for animators book though. I hear it's quite good.)

On why I will not be doing the Friday Five today:

None of those questions should be answered in a public forum. Even if I could remember any particular incidents I certainly wouldn't want to be talking casually about it. Sheesh. I can't imagine wanting to know that information from anybody either.

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