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Found things

Found a lot of cool things tonight.

First of all got to/had to roll $500.00 worth of quarters. It's something I enjoy doing especially if there's something good to listen to and there was. (aquired a copy of Ellen Degeneres doing standup before she became known as `The Lesbian Comic' and dang if'n she ain't funny! I had to stop a few times and just howl.)
I managed to pull out $3.00 worth of drummer boys in various stages of decomposition and when I cashed out a concessionist I pulled out 2 bicentennial 50 cent pieces. HuzZAH!

By far though the best find came when I stepped out from the back to check the 10:30 Pirates line and heard, "Jeanette?!"

It was my long lost co-family head Jerry! I haven't seen him in years!!! I can remember the last time I saw him but I can't remeber what particular year it was! I think it was before I started at Sheridan or possibly during because he asked me if I had finished school and where I was at. It was really great to see him and we're going to call each other (hopefully) and catch up on each others lives. I think though it may be a bit of a short conversation.
"So, not married?"
"Me either."
"Still working at the post office?"
"Yup. Are you still living in Farmington?"

The end.

Still though, seeing him brought back so many memories. I mean, I practically lived in this guys basement. We would watch movies and MST3Ks and throw parties and I would listen to him (rolling my eyes a great deal of the time) wax on and on about how he wanted a girlfriend (except he would pine for the Sandra Bullock types who really and truly WERE out of his league and any time some Real Life girl liked him he would find something stupid and petty and wrong with them. (Reminds me quite a bit of machinezeit actually, except Jerry was a lot less bitter.)
Really though, a lot of great memories and a really fun time in my life.

"This here's whatcha call the bottomless pit, baby! Two and half miles...straight dooowwwwnnnnnnn!!!!"

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