Jett (jatg) wrote,

Royal or no? Jett does a poll.

I got an email today from Nat Gertler...the editor of About Comics...the folks who are publishing this years 24 Hour comic anthology. As you entry was chosen along with 23 other submissions to be part of this years collection. What I get is 5 complimentary copies and royalties from the sale of the book. However, divided between a publisher and 23 other people...I was told not to expect too much $...which is fine...I didn't DO it for the money or even in the hopes of being published. I did it because it's an amazing challenge where even finishing is considered an honor.
So in this email I was told that initial orders are very low...not to expect much from reorders and he would estimate that our individual royalties might be...$25.00.

He has given each creator the option of foregoing the royalty check for 2 additional copies of the book...meaning I would have 7 comp copies...each of them valued at little over $24.00 a piece which means it's a better financial deal...I mean, I could sell them to people for a lot less than they would pay at their local comics shop and I'd make more $.

HOWEVER...there is just something so COOL about the idea of receiving a royalty check...even if it is silly and meager.

So, dear reader...what do you think I should do? Forego the royalty and get 2 additional books...or go for the royalty check even if in all likelyhood it will be a pittance?

Poll #569262 To Royal or not to Royal?

Should I forego the royalty check and get 2 additional free copies of this year's 24 Hour Comic anthology?

Yes. Christmas presents doncha know?
Yes! Sell em and make a profit! You ARE a starving artist AND a capitalist!
No. It may not be much but it'd be your first royalty check and that's COOL.
No. Who knows, it may get really popular and your royalties might be more than you think.
I don't care...I'm just waiting for the sequel!

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