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Just a day, just an ordinary day...

Had some fun get togethers today.

I did a progress report showing my complete script and the early boards for The Captain and the Coal Shoveler. (Had a rather testy conversation with nsyzygy about animation and story the other night. He was proceeding to lecture me on how it was too early in my career to just make `statements' with my animation and I was getting testy because DUH, it's supposed to be a statement but I can believe I can make it funny and then we both realized he thought I was doing it for the TV show, not a training poof, problem resolved.)
Actually one of my favorite bits of the first meeting was when one of the guys asked me how long I had been back from my mission. I haven't fielded that question for a while. Usually it's like `where did you go to school,' `where have you worked,' kind of thing. I had to think about it for a second and then told him that I hit the MTC 9 years ago this month. His dropped. "NO! You did NOT!"

I was rather surprised at his reaction and just kind of smiled. "Yeah, it's been a while."
Heh. He thought I was 24. Niiice. Go me.

Part II of the all day training seminar went well. It's actually been a lot more fun that I thought it was going to be. I think the more interesting challenge will not be in training new people coming in, it will be in retraining all of the `Old Guard.' (I know, fallenpegasus, you hate the places with the motivational posters etc, but let's face're not exactly in the public eye either.) I can't help but think my aspie-ness will be a bit of an asset. I have to fake a ton of things every day. Now I have to teach it to others. (hint: it's called FAKING IT!)
"I don't really want to be here."
"Fake like you do."
"I don't like people."
"Fake like you do!"
"I don't want to smile at the customers."
"Fake like you do and smile anyway!"

Fake it enough and you'll start to believe it. Ta daaaah!

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