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"SHUT UP!!!" or "Quit pointing fingers and do something productive!" or "I've had it, here's my rant

Truthfully I haven't seen that much footage of New Orleans or what's been going on. I don't watch that much TV and what I do get from the news is generally off the net. What I have seen is horrific and I gape, not quite believing that what I am seeing and hearing comes from within the ol' US of A. I have relations in Mississippi who, while not unscathed, have had many miracles surround them. I am grateful they are okay. I am grateful for small miracles in the midst of this horror.

And already I am reading about who is to blame, "why didn't they do this?" "I can't believe he said that!" and I am disgusted by such early finger pointing when there are still people wading about in filth and corpses still floating in the water. I don't want incessant rants and links to articles blaming people and governments, be they local or federal. Right now I DON'T CARE. Shut the @#$% up people until everybody is rescued. And then...and THEN maybe start ranting about governmental responsiblity and "they shoulda knowed" and everything else. I am appalled at the "righteous indignation" that is running rampant. Just... SHUT UP.

I plan on giving a huge chunk of change in my fast offering at my church this Sunday. Already the LDS church is mobilizing and extending help. My people are good in a crisis. Perhaps I will see if I can volunteer some time at the humantarian center...maybe I will sew all that fabric together in the next few weeks and get some quilts donated. But ranting about who is to blame doesn't do jack diddley right now. Get off your butt and do something helpful. Go give blood...even if it doesn't make it to New Orleans, your local hospital will appreciate it. Find SOMETHING productive to do. But...about blame... SHUT THE @#$% UP.

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