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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow... full of meetings, quick and not so quick.

Have some quick consulting for the NuSkin seminar project tomorrow morning at 9:00...and then at 10:00 I get to spend the rest of the day in a "Train the Trainers" meeting. Maybe they will help me learn how to deal with a new pretty boy we have at the theater. I think because I have so actively disliked this guy he's actually been getting better treatment from me that he otherwise would because when dealing with him I try to remain impartial and fair...and not go after just because I dislike him. (Make sense?)

He pulled some stuff and said some things to me today (all with a big `I'll just say I'm kidding if you get mad at me for saying this stuff that is really pointed and designed to get you mad' grin.) I called over to the box because I noticed he hadn't taken down all the garbage cans off the counters, ("Hey, can you take the garbage off the counters? Thanks!" (my exact words,) and then 4 seconds later realizing a girl in the box hadn't tucked in her shirt. ("Hey Erin, could you tuck your shirt in please? Thanks!" (again, exact words.)) Less than 30 seconds later the phone I am at rings and it's Pretty Boy. "Hey, Jeanette. You've got 3 hairs out of place. You need to fix those."'s one. You're dumb!
If I had wanted to I COULD have chewed you both out for having had to be reminded to do that stuff in the first place. That was pretty basic, non nitpicky stuff. I'm not sure if you're accusing me of being anal, because for anybody that knows me, that's really just stupid. Also, Mr. Want to Climb the Corporate Ladder (and Boy I Find That Sad) you seem bound and determined to irritate and chafe anyone who could help you out.

We had had so many complaints about some of his behaviors and attitudes from other team members that Ashley and I pulled him aside for a quick conversation. Ash and I discussed things before we pulled him back to make sure that we weren't going to be overly confrontational or mean. We wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to be articulate with this guy. Honestly we wanted a quiet conversation. No waves on either side.

He was completely dismissive though. His body posture was "Yeah? Whatever." He complained about others and MY favorite was "Well, other box office workers do that too, but I'm not a complainer. So I get to be the one chewed out."

Never at any point had it been a chewing out. I looked at him and asked pointedly, "Did you WANT to be chewed out?"

His next comment was pretty jaw dropping though. "It's fun to be chewed out by someone who doesn't even want to be here." He says everything with a big ol' fake grin though so if you get mad he can say, "I'm just kidding! Geez, can't you take a joke?" I really gaped at him over this one. What he just said was, "Your opinion means jack squat to me since you're not here for the long term. *I* am here for the long term so your counsel is completely devoid of value for me." Hmmm. Lets ponder for a nanosecond how I feel about THAT. How `bout, `You have just royally pissed me off and while I am not concerned that you will be moving up any time soon, let alone any time at all, you have just made an enemy that will fight tooth and nail to keep you from advancing anywhere here.'

I told Jared and Joey about the conversation as well as some of the other things he has said and done to others they both asked me, "The instant he said that, why didn't you send him home?" (They hit the roof over the 3 hairs comment.) Honestly it hadn't occurred to me. Joey however is sick of hearing things about this guy...(and what's just amazing to me is working at the theater actually IS this guy's career choice! He drives everyone nuts asking when positions are going to open up, how he wants to climb the corporate ladder...but he's rubbed just about everyone there the wrong way. He's pretty, but I swear....dumb as hammer.) He's pissed off just about every girl that works there. He's completely sexist but again, he does everything with a big ol' grin. (Gee, can't you guys take a joke? Umm. No.) Joey is now waiting for one more straw so he can fire this guy. So now the gloves are off.

I'm not a vindictive manager. I really try to take care of my guys. And while I acknowledge I'm egotistical, I don't give orders to give orders. I don't boss around my guys to make me feel better and I certainly don't power trip. I actually think out of all the leads and supervisors in the box, I'm the one the regular crew likes the most. They'll do pretty much anything I ask of them without it being a big fight.

So I'm pretty confident my problems with this guy aren't because I'm a bad manager. This guy just doen't like girls who have other ambitions giving him orders. (because taking down the garbage cans is SUCH a trauma. Sheesh.)

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