Jett (jatg) wrote,

"She's baaaaaack!" or "How Alex showed up in Utah"

Warning: Longish entry of "Then we did THIS and then we did THAT..."

So, she's here. Yes, xenologue successfully shocked the heck out of my parents when she knocked on the front door and stepped in yesterday afternoon.

Too much to really write WELL, but here's the dealie-o.

Roughly 2 weeks ago when she was getting her crazy go nuts trip planned, thought it would be fun to have a stopover in Utah, surprise my folks and then she and I would road trip to San Fran. She has a wedding. I have friends.

So, in order:

Picked her up (her plane was about a half hour late.)
Picked up Beowulf (had left him at work.) Alex was impressed with how well he rides in the car. On my LAP. I have a most superior cat. :)
Went to Farmington
I went inside, chatted for a few minutes with my mom
Knock on the front door (who could it be?)
Lawrence bellows "COME IN!"
Door opens. My mom stands slackjawed for a moment and then says "ALEX!!!" Very cute.
Chat for a bit. (Of course within 5 minutes, mom is showing off Sir Edward.)
My dad starts walking up the stairs not looking up. (Alex is standing at the top of the stairs.) I tell him to look UP.

"Oh my word." he says quietly as Alex launches herself at him. (She's good at the launching.)

Dad and Lawrence show off their rock wall.
Off to LAGOON!

Okay, Lagoon, there is some amazingly LAME stuff that they haven't updated or touched in over 10 years but they have also done a LOT of work in other areas of the park. I have to say yesterday was probably the best experience I've ever had there with my folks.

Some fun pleasant strolling around. We rode a few rides. My dad was a good sport (and I'm SURE it was such a trial) and went on some roller coasters with LMA and Alex and I.
LMA and Alex and I had some crazy silly fun on the "SPAAAAAACE SCRAMBLER!" The three of us barely fit and we went into massive giggles when we realized if we flexed our butt, the other 2 could feel it.
I looked over at her at one point and said, "This morning you woke up in Hamilton...and right now you are riding a zebra on a 110 year old carousel in Farmington Utah." It was very, very surreal to see her. At the same time not. It felt really...normal...and THAT was what felt odd. Also it was fun to note that we haven't had a turnaround in seeing each other (14 days) that fast since I was in school.
My parents were so cute to watch walk around together. Also, seeing my mom ride the lion on the carousel just makes me giggle madly. SO cute. Go mom!

Brief aside: I think yesterday was probably the most "in sync" day Alex and I have had in YEARS.

Had dinner and some conversation at one of the terraces for work. They also had a raffle and in a fit of generosity, the universe conspired to make my mom the big winner. The prize was this amazing suitcase/duffel bag. She was thrilled (oh yeah, because she travels SO much (note: sarcastic tone,)) and we carried it around the rest of our visit. It's seriously an awesome bag. I was trying to think of how to borrow it for the San Fran trip but I decided it is HER bag. Give her a while before I try to squirrel it. ;)

Also a highlight was watching Alex ride the white rollercoaster with my dad. THAT was a bizarre image for me. Hello, collisions of universes.

Strolled around Pioneer Village but by this point Alex was seriously out of gas and I was getting a bit tired as well.

Back to the house where I did some final packing up, Brittany came over and gushed at Alex. (Fun to be seeing all these reactions.)

I made a quick pit stop at Albertsons (had to get some road trip muchies (*cough* sunflower seeds *cough!*) and ran in to 3 people I knew that I hadn't seen for years. Ordinarily I would have loved to have lingered and chatted a bit but I had a sleeping (I hoped) Canadian in my car and kind of felt the need to not leave her there.

Gave Alex the penny tour (we were too tired for the whole nickel,) I changed, did my reading and went to bed. Or couch. Yesssshhhh.
She made an interesting comment. "This place (meaning my room,) is foreign to me...and at the same's filled with Jeanette stuff." Heh.

And now, I've been at work for an hour (hooray for 3 AM.) When I left she was breathing heavy and I am grateful she is able to sleep. Hopefully we'll be pulling out in 5 hours.

It will be a long day.

Alex drives FIRST.


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