Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Morning rambles" or "Half hour to go..."

With hardly anyone else here, it's amazing how much I can get done. It's kind of nice actually.
Just me and Beowulf and I can unplug my speakers to listen instead of wearing my headphones.
Officially it's a `non work day.' Today is Lagoon day at work so everybody else is off with their family at the local amusement park. The place is deserted. I expect to see a tumbleweed blow by at any moment. Beowulf is sacked out on a chair nearby. He's lying on his back, his front paws crossed and his tail twitching every so often.

I'm tired but not nearly as tired as I should be. I was up very late in a cleaning frenzy and it's nice to have my room all ordered. I should be worried...seriously starting to get worried about my irregular sleep patterns...I went to bed around 2:00 and woke up wide awake...seriously, absolutely wide awake at 4:00. Finished up some stuff in my room and then I lay on my couch and by the light of my half built Macquarium I dove into my Book of Mormon reading. Goodbye 1st Nephi...hello 2nd. I'm already into where Isaiah gets copied down. I'm trying to dig into him...obviously Nephi (who I will always contend was a metallurgist) who obviously understands metal and the pains it takes to make metal plate considered it of utmost importance to write it down. Anyway, it put me into many stupors of thought.

So anyway, yeah. I'm at work and I've got 2 animations roughed out. I should be able to refine them tomorrow.

I will be off soon to pick up a friend at the airport and later going to Lagoon. It's a work thing and since they're paying for it, I'm going. I don't hate Lagoon...quite the contrary I have some wonderful memories of working there...but as a former employee, this particular amusement park holds no enchantment for me. It is full of many ghosts though.

The last time I went I took wyckhurst and her kids. Big H was still very much a baby and the 5 of us had some Big BIG fun. This time I am going with my friend, my younger brother and my folks. Can you believe it? My folks want to go to Lagoon. I am tempted to look for pods under the stairs.

I expect this evening and the next few days to be crazy, crazy. More on THAT later.

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