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"Hey, subconscious, a little subtlety please" or "What's in the bag?"

Had a dream last night. Most people do, I'm told. This one is lingering with me, which annoys me because I think I know where it is going.


The sky is dark...a steel grey and it seems to be later in the evening. The wind is blowing and perhaps rain is in the air. Along with others, I am struggling up a hill (I think to where I live.) I am traveling very much alone and I am carrying my backpack. I am in a hurry because I know further behind me traveling the same path is a couple. I do not want them to catch up with me. I do not want to see them. I do not want to acknowledge them. In my dreams I know very well who they are and their very existence irks me. I know they will want to help me and I do not want it!

As I try to travel east up the mountain, (and it IS east) my backpack gets heavier and heavier to the point I am gasping for breath. I have to stop every 50 feet or so. People continue to stream by and I am angry at how weak I have backpack has never been so heavy before. Leaving it behind is NOT an option. Even if I DID leave it THEY might see it and know I was there. They are not to know where I am.

As I heave it over my back again and stumble off again, I look down and notice my pants are getting soaked with blood. Great blotches of red are speading across my thighs. I notice this because I am in an old favored pair of blue jeans and I can see the red seeping through. I stare for a moment knowing I am in serious trouble. There is a LOT of blood.

Now I am more motivated than ever to get ahead of that not let them catch me in such a moment of weakness but by this point I can barely move.

I fall to the ground in frustration.
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