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Wasn't able to sleep last night so I decided I would get a jump start on things. I walked to work, got some work done and walked home. All before 8:00 AM.

Also among all the errands I got done yesterday, (Hooray for Laundry! (and doesn't THAT sound like the most boring kids book ever written?)) one was to pick up a cruise control kit to install in Friday. I know that my dad had installed on in his Miata and had spend a healthy chunk of time trying to get one installed in Norton.

Lawrence told me that in comparison with Norton, installing MINE would be easy.

Eight long grubby and exhausting hours later I finally slunk off to crash on (le sigh,) the couch. Hey, I HAD been up since 2AM and was still a little jet lagged so I refuse to apologize for wiping out at 10:30 in the evening. (cue the "Vrrooom! Plane crash sounds.) Wulfie cuddled up with me and it was nice to drop off hearing his big loud grumbly purr.

I left Lawrence out in the shed checking wires and cursing under his breath. Our last test drive was a bit frustrating...we'd take Friday out on the highway, hit a speed, engage the control...and it wouldn't catch.

I sighed to Lawrence that maybe I should have just got a brick instead.

Anyway, I am aware that I owe Lawrence BIG. SOOO BIG. I thought when he said it would be easy compared to Norton we were talking a 2 or 3 hour install. I guess he and my dad fought to put one in Norton for a WEEK so technically this WAS easier...but still I had NO idea this was a full day of cursing auto manufacturers.

Soooo big.

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