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There's gotta be a better way to bond with your neighbors

I was getting ready to go visit my sister and stepped out the front door and stopped dead in my tracks.
"Mom!" I called. "Come see something new."
"What is it?" she called from the kitchen.
"The mountain is on fire!"

Amazing how the word "fire" motivates.

We watched it for a little bit and were a bit freaked out at how quickly it was moving, though it seemed to be moving UP. Mom made a quick 911 phone call:

"Hi, are you aware there's a fire on the mountain? Oh you are? Good. Thank you!"

Just wanted to be safe.

We spent the rest of the night walking around the neighborhood talking to people (and news crews,) and doing the general gawk.

The thing is, the fire got CLOSE. It wasn't until I went down a half block north when I saw just how low it got...and right now as I type it is less than 3 blocks away. I was interviewed by channel 4 (they just used a voice quote, too bad, and Mom and I were both interviewed by the Standard. We'll see how badly we get misquoted. ;))

Here's the really sick thing.

The fire was started by a transient who wanted to make some noise and get a place to stay. I think they should lock him away and give him a place to stay the rest of his life. The mountain is this horrible black color, the fire is STILL going with no real end in sight (I'm having confidence the firemen are going to continue to keep it away from our neighborhood & homes,) and with the sun setting the winds have changed and is clueing us all in on the smoke smell.

It's been an interesting evening. My camera is almost full of pictures. I'll get them developed and post them online hopefully in the next few days.

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