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"Let me explain..." or "The recap"

Events from yesterday:

Drive to Buffalo airport
Get stopped and searched at customs ("Anything to declare?" "Um...God Bless America!")
Go to airport
See flight is delayed.
Wheelde Alex to leave so we can go to a store so I can get a diet Dr. Pepper. The trade was that Alex could kiss Darrin at the airport. In retrospect I should have bartered for a much bigger drink. Actually, probably not a drink at all considering future events but I think I sold myself rather cheaply. ;)
Drive home.
Get stuck in traffic jam.
Have to pee like racehorse.
Finally jump out of the car, tear through the underbrush and find a secluded little nook.
Race back to car.
30 SECONDS within getting back in the car, the traffic starts moving.
FIVE MINUTES of getting back in the car, we're home.
Amanda comes home.
Alex and Darrin go to see Into the Woods.
Amanda and Jett go for crazy long walk. This time, nice because:
1. Not freezing cold outside
2. Not forced to do it. (Hey, it made Amanda laugh when I said it...I can post it.)

Amanda and Jett go to East Side Marios and eat out on the patio.
Amanda and Jett go for another walk, (back to the apartment where Amanda blows up the mattress, Jett puts on pants and socks)
Amanda and Jett go bowling.
Amanda and Jett SUCK.
Amanda and Jett roam all over Dundas where we finally find a little pub that has pool tables and this crazy good dessert.
Amanda and Jett play two games of pool.
Again, Amanda and Jett suck, (but hey, I won. I AM going to have to clear the "quilting table," and unleash the pool table underneath. I don't like playing that poorly.)
Amanda and Jett head for home.
Amanda and Jett stop by the bridge because they think they hear a cat.
Amanda and Jett go's about 1:00 or so.
Jett passes out.
Jett thinks she hears people coming home at 2:00 AM.
Jett freezes her butt off the rest of the night.
Jett closes the FRAKING WINDOW around 6:00 AM.

And so there you go.

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