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`The Sun Is BEAUTIFUL Today' or `The production outside.'

Finally got the see the production outside like it was intended. Makes for a whole new show. Still, I was glad xenologue had me man her camera because after so many times, I simply can not pay attention to the monologues any more. It's to the point that I'll use some of the lines as wisecracks when I talk to the cast members:

Cast Member: (starting to tell a story) "I had a dog once..."
Me: (interrupting.) "Really? Did it `ever know peace?"
Cast Member: (annoyed) "YOU are not allowed to see the play anymore!"

I think the cast has gotten used to seeing me every freaking night as well as hanging out with them at their little cast parties. I make sure to do my part by chatting with them about things I have noticed about their performances...little touches that vary from night to night or broader questions like how they approached writing their individual monolgues. I've also realized that I have to crank out at least 2 cartoons a night or else they are disappointed. Anyway, the commentary and cartoons are my proverbial singing for my supper I suppose. Tonight I drew one cartoon and one rough sketch of the stage with Hecuba collapsed on it. I also had a steak wrap at the Phoenix.

This morning I got up to watch xenologue and urbanepleb(who HAS to have had the funniest `hello Jeanette' line EVER...we picked her up from her folks house this morning and as she got in the car she quipped, "Oh hello, who is this skinny person with you?" I was so startled...of all the things I was expecting to hear from her it wasn't THAT... and from what I was wearing and how I was sitting in the car I could have really been girnormous, plus, was DARK. Like she could really tell if I had lost weight or not. So crazy props for so being able to so startle and amuse me at the same time. I think my response was along the lines of , "Wow. You're good. You're very, very GOOD.")

It was cool (ha ha, get it?) to watch them do their morning practice and I had a number of thoughts flick through my head:

1. I would be so incredibly BAD at this sport.
2. Any team I was on would despise me because I would be so BAD at this sport.
3. I would despise myself and feel really bad for any team I was on because I would be so bad at this sport.
4. I'd be a pretty good fan though.

I like kickboxing because I DON'T have a team depending on me and yet I still get a bit of the team comraderie with my class. Still though, it's all me. Wow, don't I sound selfish?

We dropped off urbanepleb...I was a bit startled, I thought she was coming back to the apartment today and then headed back. Alex had mentioned to me as we were stumbling about at 4:00 AM that one of the best things about early morning hockey was the nap afterwards and I guess she was right. (Not like I EARNED the nap or anything since hey, for the most part I sat in the stands and rocked back and forth trying to stay warm.) All my nights of tossing and turning as well as the near constant running from here to there and back again finally came to a head and I had a good long crashing collapse on the couch. Not sure if I dreamed it or not but I have some vague impression of Alex adjusting my blanket and I was so confused because in my sleep addled brain I thought I was home in Farmington on the couch and I was hoping Beowulf would come and curl himself at my feet. I wondered what Alex was doing there. was a rather rejuvinating sleep. Thank you Senor...for that.

We watched the rest of Master and Commander...the more I see that movie...the more blown away I am by it...technically, acting, effects and story's a near perfect film. Plus, unapologetic manly men doing unapologetically manly things.

Pushed laundry, made beds and in the midst of Chores of Daily Living...had some good conversation. I guess I am not entirely storied out. Things felt...normal... which was a huge relief.

And as I started this post.. I watched The Trojan Women for the...fourth time. The weather gods decided to give them a break and for my first time got to see the show outside as it was intended. It's fascinating to see something so many times, especially something as ordinarily unfamiliar as a Greek tragedy. Makes me want to read some more...because hey, if you can't laugh at human pain and suffering what CAN you laugh at?

Alex was really dead on tonight. I am so blown away by her Hecuba. The strange balance she has of dignity and humiliation...power and helplessness...fraility and strength...grief and hope...she really walks an odd tightrope with her performances and does it and makes it seem so natural and effortless. I WOULD like to see her in something a little more upbeat some day though. If she DOES get a part in mousetrap...part of my brain thinks, "Well hey, tickets are a LOT cheaper in October to fly." We'll see.

Had fun at the cast gathering. There were a lot of jokes flying around and I was throwing out several and realized that most of them were ping ponging between me and another girl. I finally quipped, "I feel like I'm in the battle of the bands!" Some of the jokes (not mine, thank you very much,) started getting more and more off color despite several protests from the cast and I think Alex and I got out of there in the proverbial nick of time. I've found when someone prefaces a joke saying, "I've got's not THAT bad..." it usually IS that bad. was a good day. Things change tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

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