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The plays the thing or How I watched TTW for the 3rd time and auditioned for another production

It has been a rather sedate day. xenologue had to catch up on her email and I spent much of the morning drawing up Red Sparrows. I'm getting a fun storyline worked out...I just need to go home and scan them all in. It's been interesting watching The Trojan Women and realize how much Precursor is like Cassandra though he's not such an over the top tragic character.

There were points where I wanted to go out for another walk but it rained all day. Long, hard and heavy with much flickering of light and great booms of thunder. I haven't seen a thunderstorm like that since...well, probably since the last time I lived out here. I love the smell of rain. BOOM!

The play tonight was really solid. The monologues for the most part were really tight and Andromache's scenes were actually fairly gutwrenching. It's my third and a half time having seen this thing...pretty much the emotional punch is gone for me and I find myself mentally going close to MST3K territory but I save them for the cartoons which I knock out and show the cast later. I think they are a little puzzled by me but they laugh at my cartoons and so it all works out.

eralcym and Chris Wright came to see the play as well. I haven't seen them for a fair bit and it was nice to sit by them. I tried to keep some of my wisecracks to myself...(it WAS their first time after all, but after one gut wrenching monologue,) I passed a recent cartoon to them which I guess turned out to be a good let them giggle a little bit and relieve some of the relentless pressure of the play.

Questions I don't expect to hear from a former bishop's wife: "So, Jeanette, can you recommend any good graphic novels?" Hee. Why yes, yes I can! I listed her a few as well as telling her Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" is mandatory reading if she really wants to get into graphic novels.

After the play Alex and I went to Dundas little theater where they are auditioning for Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap." Alex suggested, and I thought it would be fun, for me to audition and I really think if she hadn't told them I was from Utah and was auditioning as a lark, I would have gotten a part. As is, I read for one and then read opposite Alex for all the rest of her read throughs.

It was crazy amounts of fun and makes me pine to be in a show again. On the sheet I had to fill out, I was supposed to write down previous theater experience and parts. Alex glanced at my paper (the director was holding it,) and blurted out, "Have you really done all those?" Um...yeah... (of course the last time I "trod board" was the Farmington Festival Day's production of Li'l Abner...which I don't really consider the highlight of my acting career...though I was one hecukva Mammy Yokum.)

It was big fun though, reading opposite Alex, feeling the energy build as we went through the various roles. I had been telling her the night before one of the best dates I've ever had was reading through a play with my friend Brad. We got the play, divided the parts and just read through it. If you can read well...and are with someone who can read equally's a charged experience. Alex reads really, really, really well. And frankly, my do I. :)

Alex started the audition wiped (she was still all made up and silvered from playing Hecuba) and ended bouncing off the walls. I like it because all the parts required English accents and it's fun throwing accents into the mix.

The last part was for "Molly," which Alex read for and I read her aloof and somewhat teasing husband. The women auditioning us really seemed to enjoy watching that last exchange (fav quote: "You two have a LOT of chemistry. " Heh. I would be surprised astounded if Alex doesn't have that part. I'll be sad a bit though if she DOES get it though since I will be unable to come up and see it.

We then went to the graduate student pub on campus and I talked with various cast members, doodled and went through my patented "cheap party trick" of drawing Mickey Mouse with one of the few men in the cast. I didn't realize Alex had been watching but she told me later that she loves watching me do it...
"It doesn't matter how old the person is...when you have them draw Mickey Mouse they look like they are FIVE."

Eventually though, my ears started to bleed (I have been in louder environments...but it's been a while since I have been in a place that loud for so long and eventually loud sounds started to cause me physical pain. Fortunately Alex was ready to GO.

And now we are here and I need to brush my teeth and go to couch (ha ha!) since I am going along to watch the early morning hockey practice. WheeeEEEEeeeee!!!

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