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The morning thus far OR How to get soaked and say no to weed

As per usual I woke up wide awake around 3:00. Fortunately I was able to convince my body that it was stupid, we were NOT going to get up and that we WOULD go back to bed. (Since I'm sleeping in the living room should I say, `back to couch'?) Anyway, again, as per usual I woke up every hour on the hour and finally around 8:00 decided to stay up. Got some doodling done (a project requested by xenologue.)

Decided to go for a walk and fortunately remembered my hat because it started drizzling almost immediately. People complain about humidity but I myself love it. I love feeling how heavy the air is, how full it makes your lungs. There's something so strange and wonderful about being outside when it is hot and heavy. Plus, (poor, poor Trojan Women) it is also ferociously overcast this morning.


So I went for a walk on the trail that I ran yesterday except this morning opted to go in the opposite direction. I didn't go too far when I came across a wooden bridge with places to sit and look out over this clearing in the middle of nowhere.

Despite the tops of buildings peeking over the treetops there was something wonderfully serene and isolated about the place. The thought popped into my head that I should run through my Wadu Ryu kata a few times and it didn't take long to really start getting into it. It made me feel like my body was waking up with running through those familiar patterns.

I sat for a long time with my eyes closed, smelling the air, listening to the sounds around me and trying to make some connection to Powers On High.

"Hey, it's a good morning, eh?"

A bit startled I opened my eyes and saw a man close by me on the bridge looking out the opposite direction. He was smoking a cigarette and I noted how the smell carried in the thick air. He asked me if I had seen any deer...the day before he had seen 5...two mothers and 3 fauns.
"Ah," I said. "Somebody had twins."

He and I wound up having a nice chat there on the bridge. He pointed out to me where beavers the year previous had started a dam, how the city had moved them. He saw my Salt Lake baseball hat and asked if I had visited there. We talked about the weather...I mentioned it would probably rain out my poor friend's play again.
"Hey, would you like some weed?" he asked, lighting up.
"No thanks," I said grinning to myself. Not sure why I found it so funny...maybe because I can still count on one hand the number of times I have been offered any drugs. This time makes four. I just don't look the type or something. We continued our conversation but, perhaps because he felt a little self conscious, he kept politely offering me a drag. Heh. Again, no, but thank you.

The drizzle intensified but it actually served to make the morning more pleasant. It wasn't until the bottom totally fell out that he and I decided to go our seperate ways. I have a few seperate memories of being outside in rainstorms like that. Once, when I was 13, it rained like that when my sister had to be taken to the hospital with appendecitis. I waited outside for my mom to come home and tell her what had happened.
It rained like that a few times on my mission. Hna. Teuller and I were soaked all the way through our backpacks just racing from our car to the apartment.
And once, it dumped on me like that as I was struggling up the hill to my apartment.

At anyrate, I didn't mind the rain...but it was started to soak my sketchbook so reluctantly I headed back to civilization.

I thought about that random connection...on a dark drizzly heavy morning meeting some fellow from Dundas who delighted pointing out where he had seen deer and beaver. Random connections is a theme that I keep thinking about. Don't have a theory or anything...perhaps I just like meeting people and allowing myself to be touched by their lives and vice versa... from conversations on bridges to little wisecracks at grocery stores designed to make people smile and laugh.

I couldn't help but smile all the way back. I felt like a 3 year old, frolicking in the rain and grinning like a loon as cars would speed by throwing up huge rooster tails of spray that would spray high in the air...hover for that delightful pregnant pause...and then come crashing down upon me.

Life is good.

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