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The Trojan Women: Two and a Half Performances

So I got to see Alex in The Trojan Women two and a half times today. Half you say? What prey tell is the half? Hold, gentle reader and I will explain.

So, first of all, it decided to RAIN so the performance was held INDOORS and I found the building stumbling around actually trying to find a bathroom. I had left Alex at the Grassy Knoll (which isn't what they call it, but it's what I think,) with instructions to come back in an hour or so when the performance was going to be starting...but it started to rain and I figured they would be moved in doors and I thought the indoor performance was going to be in another building but anyway, through sheer dumb luck, I found myself at the right place at the right time to actually watch it. (And, wow...that is a long terribly constructed sentence.)

First of all, it's one DOWNER of a play...but they made some really interesting choices that made it a little more bearable and a little less...claustrophobic I guess. They personalized the chorus a bit and some of the monologues were really riviting. (Some were a little more...clunky but not too bad overall.) My favorite monologue comes at about the half way point. In the midst of all this "woe, burning, angst, death is preferable," comes a monologue from this girl who has decided it's better to submit and LIVE. All these things have happened...her family is dead, her city is burned...but she LIVES. It was actually kind of refreshing that in the midst of all of this, the human spirit lives on.

And yes, Alex is brilliant. I knew she would be good but she's seriously jaw dropping. The way she carries herself, the way she moves...she's OLD, she's emotionally drained...she's at the end of her rope.


Okay, so what's this HALF business?

Heh. Okay, I found it kind of funny...Alex did NOT...but hopefully she will SOME DAY. About a third of the way into the 2nd performance that evening...(still held indoors due to rain,) the fire alarm sounded. And kept sounded. All the way though this one poor girl's monologue...and then the stage manager had to get up and say, yes, we had to leave the building...and the fire department DID come ... and the whole thing got stalled for nearly an hour and a half.

And THEN they made the decision to go back...start the whole thing all over again and take it from the top.

I knocked out several cartoons about it. Right now I'm on page 52 of my sketchbook I bought for the trip. I will be getting another one in the next few days.

They weren't BAD...just a lot of the "woe/angst" energy was replaced with "wow, I'm tired." It was a little more sluggish than it was earlier. I have been sitting in different spots and it's fun because you see different things from those various points of view.

And now it is late and I need to lie down and see if my body will let me sleep. I am dubious. I may try the couch tonight.

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